Agency & State Licenses - PinnacleQuote

Agency & State Licenses

PinnacleQuote is a licensed life insurance agency in Florida. is just another name they use.

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists has a National Producer Number, which is 19398023. They also have a Florida State Agency License Number, which is L107663.

You can find information about PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists on Just go to the “Look up a Business” section and search for PinnacleQuote.

If you want more details about PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists, you can visit the Florida Department of Financial Services website and search for PinnacleQuote.

All the agents who work with PinnacleQuote are licensed in the state where they do business, and they have insurance to cover any mistakes or errors they might make.

The Founder and CEO of PinnacleQuote is Daniel P. Ray. He is also the Managing Director and is in charge of the day-to-day operations.

Daniel has his own National Producer Number (NPN), which is 16997242.

Here are the State Licenses for Daniel P. Ray as a National Producer.

State License
Alabama 714298
Alaska 100119344
Arizona 16997242
Arkansas 16997242
California 0K00204
Colorado 467414
Connecticut 002478270
Delaware 1381485
District of Columbia 3076605
Florida W147978
Georgia 2994314
Hawaii 502819
Idaho 530050
Illinois 16997242
Indiana 1003077
Iowa 16997242
Kansas 16997242
Kentucky DOI-879537
Louisiana 639982
Maine PRN251094
Maryland 2156161
Massachusetts 1970287
Michigan 16997242
Minnesota 40409915
Mississippi 10383789
Missouri 8337117
Montana 1001135505
Nebraska 16997242
Nevada 1003114
New Hampshire 2318626
New Jersey 1568469
New Mexico 16997242
New York  LA-1358530
North Carolina 16997242
North Dakota 16997242
Ohio 1049595
Oklahoma 100225289
Oregon 16997242
Pennsylvania 723481
Rhode Island 2309472
South Carolina 751988
South Dakota 40646683
Tennessee 2291328
Texas 1965896
Utah 529957
Vermont 1039693
Virginia 935364
Washington 876848
West Virginia 16997242
Wisconsin 16997242
Wyoming 288035

To search State Licence Department for each State, CLICK HERE

Feel free to reach out to Daniel Ray for any questions in reference to licenses at 855-380-3300 ext 4.