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Business Life Insurance
What is a buy-sell agreement in life insurance

How To Fund A Buy-Sell Agreement With Life Insurance

“I’m sure you’ve heard the news that your best friend’s dad died and now she’s going to have to pay off his mortgage, car loan, and credit card debt.”“But what if there was a way for her not to inherit all of those things?” “What if she could sell her family home and then buy…
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why small-business owners need life insurance

Why Small-Business Owners Need Life Insurance

As we get older, our lives change in many ways. Some of us find ourselves with more time on our hands and less money than before. We start to look at the world differently and think about what is important to us now. One thing that often gets lost in the shuffle of planning for…
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Pinnaclequote disability insurance

Disability Insurance: Top 5 Reasons You Need It and How To Get It

“You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of disability insurance. In fact, as many as 40% of Americans don’t know about it and more than 60% of those who do are without coverage.” “Whether you work in a desk job or one that requires physical labor, the risk for injury is always present. And these…
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Infinite banking and Term Rider

The Truth About Term Rider and Infinite Banking [2022 Guide]

Term Rider and Infinite Banking are two things that you should know about. They can help make your financial life a little easier. Term rider is like insurance for your mortgage, it will pay off the rest of your loan if you pass away or become disabled. Infinite banking is where they allow you to…
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Key Man Business Insurance

Benefits Of Keyman Insurance For Your Business

The keyman insurance is a type of business insurance that protects the company in case one or more key employees are killed, disabled, or incapacitated. There are many benefits to having this type of coverage for your business including protection from lawsuits and emotional damages; peace of mind knowing you’re covered against unforeseen circumstances, and…
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Using Deferred Compensation Business Life insurance

Business Life Insurance, The Truth About Deferred Compensation Plans![2022 Guide]

Business insurance is something that many businesses and business owners neglect but it’s important to take this into account, especially if you are the sole proprietor of your company. Deferred compensation plans are a great way to make sure that your family will be taken care of in case an unexpected event takes place. These…
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