Genworth Life Insurance Company [2021 Review]

Genworth Financial

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About Genworth Financial Life Insurance Company

Most people understand how important life insurance is. Without it, you run the risk of leaving your family with debts and no financial security. Choosing which insurance company you decide to go with is one of the most important decisions you can make.

That’s why it’s essential to research and compare your life insurance options. The following will review the Genworth Life Insurance Company. Genworth Financial has reconstructed what they offer our clients… See Below.

What does Genworth Offer?

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Genworth Long Term Care Insurance
  • Genworth Mortgage Insurance
Mortgage insurance with enworth
Genworth Financial ~ Mortgage Insurance

A Brief History of the Genworth Financial Life Insurance Company

Genworth Financial is a colossal insurance/financial service company that has been around for over 145 years. Formerly, it was known as the Life Insurance Company of Virginia. Genworth Financial covers all 50 states, but its HQ is in Richmond, Virginia.

What has happened to Genworth Financial Life Insurance company

Within recent years, Genworth has suspended its sale of traditional life insurance policies.  At one point suffered a $1.20 billion dollar loss.

What will happen to my life insurance policy if Genworth goes bankrupt?

Not to worry, due to the size and their assets, it is very rare for a life insurer to go bankrupt. Especially since life insurance itself is regulated and protected by the state and federal commission.

God Forbid, it did, if you had a life insurance claim pending with Genworth, it will be honored. Rest Assured!

Is Genworth a good company

First, they have a strong reputation for their customer service and are fiercely committed to their clients. They specialize in long-term care insurance all over the US.

They also deal with home buyers and homeowners — this shows that they are a well-established company, which is usually a good indication of stability. However, they have had some trouble recently, which we will expand upon below.

Genworth Financial prides itself on providing financial security to families. Further, this exemplifies in their Genworth Foundation, which offers grants to several non-profits to tackle economic problems for less fortunate people around the world.

AM Best Rating Genworth Life Insurance Company

As of 2018 A.M., Best affirms the Financial Strength Rating (FSR) of B+ (Good)  for Genworth Financial. Although they continue to have a strong reputation, recently there have been several complaints regarding their services, which has docked their score a bit.

In fact, this is certainly something to look into before choosing them as your insurer. However, as veterans in the insurance/financial game, we hope that they will regroup and continue to give the excellent service that people have come to expect from them.

Does Genworth Sell Life Insurance

Genworth Financial has stopped selling life insurance products as of March of 2016. Hence, this was due to several factors, including some financial restraints. Let’s focus on long term care insurance… See below!

“Long term care is a family matter” ~ Genworth Financial

How can we get the cheapest long term care insurance

Who should consider buying long-term care insurance

We should all thing ahead of time. You might be asking…At what age is it best to get long term care insurance? The best age is mid 50’s.  

As we age there are a lot of things we need to think about. Not only for ourselves, but we are also doing this so our loved ones are relieved from this burden. 

Genworth Financial long term care

Genworth Long Term Care Insurance

We need to start thinking about the following:

  • our medical condition
  • assisted living facility
  • health insurance
  • nursing home
  • home health aide
  • long term care cost
  • qualifying for coverage
  • long term care services

Are Genworth Annuities Safe

The Genworth Financial Life Insurance Company also offers retirement annuities. Since advancements in modern medicine have allowed people to live much longer, it’s more important than ever to make sure that retirees do not run out of income later in life.

To conclude, the annuities focus on ill-health and anyone that could use more monthly income. Immediate annuities focus on those between the ages of 70-95.

The premium price ranges between $50,000 and $1 million. This immediate annuity also offers a death benefit to a single beneficiary if death occurs within six months of the contract.


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