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2023 Guide To Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy With Rates

A million dollar life insurance policy is a smart way to protect your family from the financial devastation that would ensue if you were to pass away.

But there are some things you should know before going out and buying one. You need to find out the average cost of term life insurance if you want the most cost-effective way.

We will go over how to get a million dollar life insurance policy. In addition to how much a million dollar life insurance policy is. You may be surprised by what you learn.

Overall, million dollar life insurance sounds like a lot but not in 2023. .

Before purchasing a million dollar life insurance policy make sure you understand all of its implications!

We are here to help, read on.

If You Are Wondering How Much Coverage a Million-Dollar Life Insurance Policy Is You Came To The Right Place

Well, that’s what we will go over in this article. So if your question is, “how much is a million-dollars life insurance policy” you will get that answered.

Most people looking for a 1 million dollar policy may have a high net worth.

Overall, the cost of a million-dollar policy will determine a few things. What is your term length? For example, is it a 20-year term life insurance policy?

Furthermore, getting a million in coverage in most cases will require a medical exam.

However, there are a few life insurance companies that will offer a one million dollar term life insurance policy with a no medical exam. You need to shop to find these term life quotes or talk to us.

With this in mind, acquiring a 1 million life insurance policy can take care of financial obligations such as college tuition, mortgages, or other outstanding debt.

Again, the death benefit can be used to pay for anything. In reality, purchasing life insurance will come down to your life insurance ratings as this will determine the price.

Above all, getting an affordable life insurance plan and the correct amount of coverage will determine the agent you use. You will go over this more in this article.

In addition, the amount that you are allowed to get will be based on age and annual income. Both of these are critical and will determine your life insurance premium.

Feel free at any time to fill out the box to your right for a life insurance quote. This will answer the question, how much does a million-dollar life insurance policy cost?

I would start off with a 20-year term for a million-dollar insurance policy.

Enjoy the article, please leave feedback below. And remember, 20 years is enough time to protect your family from the youngest to oldest for 1000000 life insurance coverage.

How Much is a Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Don’t let the price tag fool you; a million dollar term life insurance policy is actually quite affordable.

For those who think that it’s too expensive, just take into consideration how much cheaper these policies will be in comparison with traditional long-term coverage at age 25 for males and 35 years old.

It only costs an average of $645 per year (for 25-year olds) or even more so around 30% less than what they would pay if they had waited until their 40s!

For bigger policies, you should look at our multi million dollar term polcies.

Example 30 Year Term Life Quote One Million Dollars

Do you want to know what life insurance costs, without having to get quotes from individual companies? Check out these three examples of how much $1000000 in coverage:

AGEGenderTop RateSecondThird
30MALE Protective Life
Banner Life
Pacific Life
30FEMALE Protective Life
Banner Life
Pacific Life
40MALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
40FEMALE Banner Life
Protective Life
Pacific Life
50MALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
50FEMALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial

What Are 20 year Term Life Quote One Million Dollars

Even though a 20-year term policy provides less coverage than a 30 year one, it is still very affordable.

The reason for this drop-off in price comes down to life expectancy and what the underwriter needs to know about you specifically when they issue your certificate of insurance.

Furthermore, this may not matter much if you plan on living past age 50!

Here are some quotes life insurance for ages 30-50.

AGEGenderTop RateSecondThird
30MALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
30 FEMALE Banner Life
Protective Life
Pacific Life
40MALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial
40FEMALESagicor Life
Protective Life
Pacific Life
50MALEJohn Hancock
Protective Life
Banner Life
50FEMALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial

What Are The Cost Of a 10 Year Life Quote One Million Dollars

You may be able to save up thousands of dollars in the cost of your life insurance by taking advantage of longer-term policies.

You’ll only have to pay this high annual premium once, instead of lasting a decade or more!

Overall, a 1 million life insurance premium will be much cheaper than a 20yr, or 30yr as you are more like to life for another 10 years versus 20 or 30.

AGEGenderTop RateSecondThird
30MALE Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial
30FEMALE Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial
40MALE Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial
Principal Life
40FEMALE Lincoln Financial
Pacific Life
Protective Life
40MALE John Hancock
Protective Life
Pacific Life
40FEMALE Protective Life
Pacific Life
Lincoln Financial

1 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Overall, life insurance companies will determine your rate class and price based on your age and health status.

Furthermore, if you are in excellent health you will be entitled to the lowest monthly premium for your life insurance coverage.

In addition, your family will be able to fulfill the financial obligations that normally your annual income would have provided. These may include college tuition or even mortgage payments.

Now when you are buying life insurance it’s important to pick the right type of life insurance in addition to the proper amount of coverage.

Above all, whether it’s a 30-year term or a 20-year term life insurance policy you will want to make sure the death benefits will more than cover your family if you are no longer here.

Although there are non-medical exams for million-dollar life insurance plans, it’s important to compare life insurance quotes to both fully underwritten and no medical term policies.

How much would a million-dollar life insurance policy cost?

We’ll go over in detail in this article the monthly cost for a million-dollar life insurance policy in addition to the 1 million dollars whole life insurance policy cost.

In addition, we will compare so you can make the right decision.

We will also go over how to get a million-dollar insurance policy, where to look, and the best path to success.

How Much Does A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Cost

What You Need To Know

$1,000,000 dollar policy seems like a lot, but is it?

How much would a million-dollar life insurance policy cost? Great Question!

Above all, informed people understand the importance of buying life insurance and having a sufficient coverage amount.

If you have a family who depends on you financially, it is irresponsible to not have something in place in the event of your death.

A term life one million dollar policy, in reality, is not all that much these days.

And without it, your family is at risk of inheriting all of your debts and paying for your final expenses (which usually cost around $10,000 alone).

However, a 1 million insurance policy is a great start!

Furthermore, with a solid life insurance plan, you can keep your family financially secure for years after you pass. This is why purchasing a policy is so important.

1,000,000 Policy

However, what kind of life insurance you buy, as well as how much, whether $1,000,000 or $250,000, or whether you purchase a Term Life policy or whole life policy is crucial.

Protect Your Family!!!

There are questions that will need to be answered to achieve the best term life insurance quotes. It is possible that a 1 million dollar insurance policy might be efficient.

Next, we will discuss the average cost of million-dollar term life insurance policy ($1,000,000) has to offer and the breakdown explained in more detail to follow.

**For high net worth individuals, a 100 million life insurance policy is not uncommon in this day and age! The record life insurance policy to date is 201 million!!

We will look at some term policies between ages 50 and 75.

Overall, as you get closer to mortality age you can see how the cost of 1 million life insurance drastically changes as the insurance company considers you a risk due to age.

20-year term life insurance rates
10-year term life insurance rates

Million Dollar Life Insurance Plan

If you are getting a one million dollar life insurance policy it’s important to realize how a life insurance company will look at insurable interest.

For instance, the amounts of coverage are important because you don’t want to be overinsured as the carrier will not approve the policy and will insist on a drop in the face amount.

Above all, life insurance coverage should be multiples of income to replace income if the primary breadwinner passes.

In fact, the amount of life insurance should not make you worth more dead than alive.

You should talk to one of our independent agents to find out what your accurate rate class and the amount of insurance you will need.

Million Dollar Term Life Insurance Premium

How much is a life insurance premium for 1 million dollars of coverage?

This is a great question! In fact, there are many factors that will determine the answer. For instance, monthly premiums will determine a few factors. These include:

  • Term Length
  • Age Health
  • Family History
  • Medications
  • Lifestyle

Life insurance quotes will determine your rate class. These factors are the ones that will determine that.

Premium For 1 Million Life Insurance

If you are in the market for a one million dollar term life insurance policy you probably are protecting income or a mortgage.

The cost of a 1 million term life insurance policy is very affordable under the age of 50.

Cost for 1 million life insurance policy vs 500k.

Here are the rates for a 45-year-old healthy male for a 1000000 life insurance policy vs a half-million life insurance policy. They are both terms for 20 years.

As you can see you get more of a price band break on the 1 million dollar insurance policy. The cost per 1000 is better on the million-dollar life insurance premium.

Food for thought, if you are making $50,000 a year with kids under 5, you will need to get 1000000 life insurance to cover them.

Average Cost 1 Million Life Insurance

Again, this will determine whether you are in excellent health, good health, or poor health. For example, if you are over the age of 60 and taking a blood pressure medication you will still qualify for preferred rates.

However, if you are looking for affordable life insurance in your 40’s and you are taking a blood pressure medication, then you will be paying higher premiums.

Now the reason for this is that statistically if you are taking blood pressure meds in your 40’s, you have a very good chance of developing some sort of heart disease in the future.

In addition, the cost will also do with the term length. For instance, a 20-year term will be much cheaper than a 30-year term.

The reason for this is you are more accessible to die in 30 years than you are in 20 years.

So the more risk for the insurance company the more money you will pay.

Let’s take a look at sample rates for million dollar life insurance premiums for a 40 and 45-year-old male and female for 20, 25, and 30 yr term rates.

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Rates For Male Age 40
Risk Class20-Year Term Monthly Rates25-Year Term Monthly Rates30-Year Term Monthly Rates
Preferred Plus$49.70/mth$78.09/mth$93.82/mth
Standard Plus$88.46/mth$130.08/mth$155.64/mth
Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Rates For Female Age 40
Risk Class20-Year Term Monthly Rates25-Year Term Monthly Rates30-Year Term Monthly Rates
Preferred Plus$40.72/mth$60.67/mth$74.05/mth
Standard Plus$70.29/mth$101.13/mth$121.71/mth
Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Rates For Male Age 45
Risk Class 20-Year Term Monthly Rates 25-Year Term Monthly Rates 30-Year Term Monthly Rates
Preferred Plus$85.56/mth$122.93/mth$150.33/mth
Standard Plus$141.28/mth$204.34/mth$245.96/mth
Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Rates For Female Age 45
Risk Class 20-Year Term Monthly Rates 25-Year Term Monthly Rates 30-Year Term Monthly Rates
Preferred Plus$67.40/mth$93.45/mth$115.48/mth
Standard Plus$108.32/mth$151.32/mth$176.44/mth

1 Million Dollar Insurance Policy

People are always surprised at how much life insurance it takes to receive the proper amount of coverage for their family. Some people assume that $100,000 will certainly be enough.

However, as alluded to above, life insurance goes quickly — there are a lot of living expenses to cover. Even a million-dollar life insurance policy ($1,000,000) might not be enough for full coverage.

In fact, the average cost of a child is about $250,000 from age 0-18! So it is important to shop and find the best 1 million dollar term life insurance quotes to choose from.

Many clients are interested in knowing what a 1 million life insurance policy costs, I advise you to also ask us about Indexed universal life insurance (IUL) as well as term million-dollar quotes.

This type of policy allows the owner to distribute cash value amounts to either a fixed account or an equity index account.  These policies are similar to the S&P 500.  There are pros and cons to IUL’s.

How Much Does a 2 Million Life Insurance Policy Cost

Whether you are shopping for life insurance rates 1 million or 2 million, it will come down to rate class which will determine the cost. In addition, buying life insurance and the cost will determine the term.

For example, if you want to protect your family for 20 years, then a 20 year term will give you peace of mind.

However, what if you want a permanent policy? What will a 1 million dollar whole life insurance policy cost? How about a 2 million whole life policy?

With so many products and carrier niches, it’s best to speak to one of our independent agents. Within a few minutes, you will have a tremendous amount of clarity.

Pros and Cons of an Index Universal Life

1 million life insurance policy premium


  • Policyholder flexibility
  • Tax-free capital gains
  • Higher return potential
  • Best if a large upfront investment
  • Tax-Free Retirement
  • Lower risk than stock investing


  • Caps on returns
  • There are no guarantees
  • Returns will always trail the index.
  • Lower returns in a down market
  • Total costs paid

Universal Life Insurance products are not the best choice for the majority of consumers. Although there are some tax benefits, these are more geared toward affluent or high-income earners and business owners.

These are also good policies for a 1 million life insurance policy cost at age 30 as it gives you many years to bake.

When buying universal life insurance policies it’s important to have your agent explain the difference between Non Guarantees vs Guarantees.

This will give the client the knowledge to know if this is right for them or if a 1 million term life insurance premium will be more affordable.

You may want to check out our other article, Living benefits life insurance.

Above all, you will have much more security with a 1 million term life insurance policy.

One Million Dollar Insurance Policy Cost

How much is a million-dollar policy?

First, let’s look at some of the rates for a $1 million life insurance policy.

Second, we’ll give you the average cost of a million-dollar life insurance policy.

Third, this is based on age and sex.

Please keep in mind, not only do premium prices depend on age, health but also it is based on lifestyle as well:

Life insurance policy 1 million dollars cost

A common question from our males: How much is a million-dollar life insurance policy for a 50-year-old man? (see below)

  • Males:
    • 30 years old: ~$35/month
    • 40 years old: ~$55/month
    • 50 years old: ~$150/month
    • 60 years old: ~$430/month
    • 70 years old: ~$1,600/month
  • Females:
    • 30 years old: ~$30/month
    • 40 years old: ~$47/month
    • 50 years old: ~$110/month
    • 60 years old: ~$290/month
    • 70 years old: ~$1,050

The Time Is NOW!!!

As you can see, with one million dollar life insurance coverage, the policy rates go up considerably based on age, and rates are significantly higher for men.  

These are the average term life insurance cost 1 million policy.

Ultimately, you can achieve this and purchase a cheap affordable life insurance policy,  but the time is NOW.  

The longer you put off today, the older you get, the higher the rates go, and the more you can be considered high risk.

You don’t want to be age 60 needing a 20-year term. Above all, even in excellent health, the rate will be three times that of a 50-year-old as far as the one million dollar insurance policy cost.

Now that you have an understanding of the million-dollar life insurance policy rates, let’s go over some of the things that you may want the money to go towards:

  • Income Replacement
  • Jumbo Mortgage for Real Estate
  • College Tuition

Testimonials from our clients

My agent was outstanding and policy was issued at the rate promised!

My agent was outstanding. He worked diligently to get me the best rate possible for my term life insurance. There were no high-pressure sales tactics and everything was explained to me at every step along the way. I now have a great policy in effect. This was challenging for my agent but he got the job done! Very, very happy with Pinnacle and the agent.

Brad L (Client)

One Million No Exam Life Insurance Policy With Hero Life

Here is a great product for all you on-the-go consumers that don’t have time for fully underwritten life insurance and need a million in coverage!!

In fact, Hero Life term with Accelewriting is 100% without a medical exam!!

Accelerated underwriting is one of the only “True” million dollar no exam policy in the industry! So you can scratch those pesky physical exams off the list!!.

Here are the solid points.

  • 2-minute automated underwriting decisions
  • 80% of the Hero Life Term have a decision within minutes
  • 54% receive Standard, Preferred, or Preferred Plus offer
  • Simple Underwriting Requirements
  • Lenient with Medical Conditions

Furthermore, the underwriting process will be a prescription check, MIB (medical information bureau) check, and a DMV check. Hero Life is superior to the highly rated companies that offer no exam term life insurance.

Insert table

Here is how the 1000000 life insurance rates will stack up against fully underwritten policies. Here is an example of a 45-year-old male in good health with a 20-year term.

Sagicor No Exam with Accelewriting Vs Fully Underwritten Policy

Face AmountProductMonthly PremiumAnnual Premium


Select a Term 20




Term 20



What Can I use a 1000000 Life Insurance Policy For

Think of it this way, Life Insurance is an income replacement for your family in the event of your death.

When you die, your paycheck dies with you!!  If you do not have a policy in place, think about this… It will leave your family crippled financially!!!

Life insurance ensures income replacement for your family when you are no longer here!

One Million Life Insurance Policy

  • A mortgage on your home — a term life insurance policy is often bought in accordance with a mortgage. For example, someone that just took out a 30-year mortgage on their house will often want to take out a 1 million 30 year term life insurance policy, so that if something were to happen, loved ones won’t have to cover the mortgage.
  • Special events — perhaps you want to cover a few weddings or graduations with your million dollar life insurance policy. Also, with a net worth of over 5.62 million, estate taxes.
  • Replacing your income — you probably want to replace any income you’re receiving, whether it be a salary or retirement income. This way, you can still support your family financially after you pass. Rule of thumb is 10 times your annual salary.
  • Final expenses — As mentioned above, funeral services take a good amount of money; Of course, you won’t want to leave any final expenses for your loved ones to pay.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements  – A legally binding agreement between the co-owners of a business.   A buy-sell agreement governs the situation if a co-owner dies, is forced to leave the business, or simply chooses to leave the business
  • Key Man Insurance – This is insurance on the key person in a business.  Also known as “Key Man Life Insurance.“  Usually, the Business Owner could also be a key employee.  These people are important and crucial to the survival of a business.  Their absence could cause the business to decline.  Actually, the same company itself is the beneficiary of this insurance policy. In fact, the company pays the policy premiums in a Key Person Insurance Policy. $1,000,000 may not be enough coverage.  Given that, you can discuss this with your independent Agent. They are there to guide you.

Million Dollar Life Insurance Policies – Layered Policies

What is the smartest way to achieve your goal in life insurance ~ the most financially sensible money-saving tip RIGHT HERE!!!

Yes, it is possible.  In fact, layering policies in most cases can save you over 50% on your premiums.

This can translate to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.  The philosophy of layering policies is getting everything you need now, but not paying for something you don’t need down the road.

For instance, having young children cost you more now than say if kids are in college. Also, 20 years down the road your mortgage will be paid down.

So ask yourself this question, will your financial dependency that your family has for you be the same today as it would be 20 years from now?

Average Cost Of A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

Steven, is a 47-year-old male, with 2 children, 11 and 12 years old.

He makes $65,000 a year.  He is looking to purchase a $1,000,000 dollar 30-year term policy.

If Steven outlived this policy his total financial outlay for over 30 years is, $63,450.00!!

30 Year Term Policy

Or Steven can do a one million dollar layered policy as follows:

  • $500,000 for 10 years, monthly payment: $42.00, Total Financial Outlay over years 1-10 is $14,500.00.
  • $250,000 for 20 years, monthly payment: $32.59, Total Financial Outlay between years 11-20, $9,700.00.
  • $250,000 for 30 years, monthly payment: $52.28, Total Financial Outlay between years 21-30, $5,975.00.

Total Financial Outlay over 30 years of layering policies is $30,175.00

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance
One Million Dollar Quotes
One Million


$33,275.00, that’s 52%!!

As you can see above this is a layered strategy.  Steven’s need for coverage will decrease after the first 10 years because his children will be grown and most likely out of the house.

In 20 years, his need for life insurance will change again, his home will most likely be paid off so, therefore, the amount of coverage will decrease.

Now, 20 years later, Steven has reached retirement age.

Furthermore, at retirement age, you are on a fixed income!! So ask yourself, would you rather have a premium payment of $185.06 a month for coverage you don’t need or $52.28 for coverage that you do?

Plus another $33,275.00 that’s back in your pocket!

One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

To determine the amount of life insurance you need, we focus on the mortgage, college, and the age of your children.  Two important factors are:

  • Age of your youngest child
  • Your annual income * (your paycheck dies with you)

This is the best way to calculate what your family will need to live and maintain or her standard of living in the event of your death especially unexpectedly.

With that being said, if your children are grown up and are no longer financially dependent on you, your financial obligations will change.

You can always consider getting a smaller plan.   Such as a half million dollar life insurance policy.

But as you can see…

Planning to purchase a $1,000,000 (one million) policy would make the most sense when you factor in the standard of living for your family to continue to live the life you planned for them financially.

Keep in mind, term life insurance can provide maximum death benefits at the lowest cost.

For this reason, the most common type of term insurance is guaranteed-level premium term life insurance. For this reason, depending on age, you can get terms of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years.

The premium is guaranteed not to increase for the life of the term period.

Hopefully, in the near future companies offer a one million dollar policy without a life insurance medical exam.


When it comes to thinking about life insurance.  For the most part, think of it this way,  how much life insurance should you purchase? Life insurance is an investment.

An investment in your family and their future in the event of your death.

Focus on your youngest child, and if you plan on having more children, your children depend on you the most.  

How much will life insurance cost?  We determine your annual income and your children’s ages. See below for our breakdown.

Secure Your Families’ Future!!


Your Children by age:

  • 5 years of age or younger:  20x your annual income  (your youngest child, needs you the most)
  • 6-10 years of age: 15x your annual income
  • 10 years of age – older: bare minimum 10x your annual income

1 Million Dollar Term Life Insurance


Quit Smoking!!!

You’ll want to make an excellent impression on the insurance company when you go to apply for life insurance.

In the long run, one of the best things you can do is to quit using tobacco; tobacco users usually pay 2 to 3 times more for their life insurance.

Remember, if you do smoke, do not let this discourage you from applying for life insurance.  

Speak to your independent agent.  

He/she is the one who will know the right carrier that fits your health, lifestyle, and needs!

Anything you can do to improve your general health will also do loads to help.

In fact,  before applying, we recommend exercising frequently, eating healthy, taking measures to lower your blood pressure, etc.

Unless you go with the more expensive no-medical exam policy, you’ll need to take a physical.

As a result, you’ll need to disclose any pre-existing health conditions to the life insurance company as well.

Lastly, we always recommend shopping at life insurance companies before settling on one.

For this reason, you can hire an independent life insurance agent to help you. This way, you’ll get connected to the top life insurance companies, and find the cheapest policies with the best coverage.

Term life insurance has the lowest prices and is for a specific amount of time, such as 10, 20, 30 years.

How Much Does A Million Dollar Insurance Policy Cost

Total premium of a 1 million dollar whole life insurance policy…

30 Year Term Policy

Million Dollar Insurance Whole Life Policy

On the other hand, 1000000 whole life insurance (permanent life insurance) costs more but is guaranteed for your entire life, provided premiums are paid or until maturity.

How much is a 1 million whole life insurance policy?

The cost of whole life insurance some policies allow you to pay premiums in a single installment, or for a shorter period such as 20 years or until age 65.

We also have clients who maximize their cash value accumulation with an overfunded or 7-year pay whole life policy.

How Much Is A 1 Million Dollar Whole Life Insurance Policy Cost, 


In the life insurance world, there are risk classes that will determine your rate.

Your age, weight, height, family history, and especially if you are a smoker will determine your risk class/ratings which will determine a million-dollar life insurance payout.

Below we will discuss each life insurance rating/ class so you have a better understanding.

  • Preferred Plus ~ This right here is the best class.  You are as healthy as an OX.  You are in fantastic health/shape and no need for underwriters to question your health.
  • Preferred ~ Similar to preferred plus. You are in great health, but perhaps you have issues with your blood pressure, or maybe your cholesterol is not ideal.
  • Standard Plus ~ Again, nothing terrible.  You are indeed in good health, but your height-to-weight ratio, is not in the ideal range.  Your family history is great.  You should be OK with underwriters.
  • Standard ~ Ok,  let’s get serious here. Things are not ideal, your height-to-weight ratio not good at all.  Medical records came back with some issues that need to be addressed. If your family history is not good, they will rate you based on that and the “average life expectancy.”
  • Substandard ~ Poor health history, such as heart disease, CHF, diabetes, etc.  Please Note: Consulting with your independent agent will help you understand this class best as there is a table rating system given to substandard.

USAA refuses 1 million life insurance policy

Life Insurance After a Decline

widow says uSAA denied husband’s 1 million life insurance policy

Erin Peterson and her late husband Ted Bobkowski were both members of the US, Air Force. After his unexpected death, they refused to pay the $1,000,000 life insurance policy. She has filed a lawsuit in Denver that was recently dismissed.

The claim was denied due to a question being answered wrong on the application.

Now the questions were not clear as they asked if he had ever consulted a health care provider for asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, or other respiratory system disorders, and he answered no!!

However, he was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

This is one of those cases where the insurance company was looking for any way not to pay the claim.

Mr. Bobkowski dies of an aortic aneurysm.


Million Dollar Life Insurance Rates

First, PinnacleQuote is here to help, whether you get a $250,000, $500,000, or a $1,000,000 policy.

Second, Speak with one of our agents, and they’ll be able to answer any and all of your questions.

Third, We can help set you up with the best life insurance companies and find the most reasonably-priced policies for you.

Finally, Working with us will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money.  We make buying life insurance very simplistic!

Additionally, we have over 250+ life insurance options ranging from Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, and Guaranteed Universal Life.

In fact,  we are contracted with over 50 A/A+ rated carriers in 49 states. So we will provide the Best price, Best carrier, GUARANTEED!!


Term Life Insurance
Danny Ray ~Founder/Owner of PinnacleQuote

My name is Danny.  I am a proud father and I too,  have a family who depends on me.

In fact, the products I offer you and your family, are the same products for my family.

Hence, I have no interest in putting you in a product that is not the right fit for your family.

Equally important, my passion is making sure my client’s families are properly protected and what you have envisioned for them financially is kept intact.

Keep in mind, I work for YOU, not the insurance company.

I have over 25+ years of experience with over 20 thousand individual policies written, with the top-rated carriers,  A/A+.

The level of dedication I am looking to show you in this process is second to none.

I look forward to helping you through the process of life insurance.

Life Insurance ~ The last way to say I LOVE YOU to your family. 

One Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at PinnacleQuote (855)380-3300.

Learn more on mortgage rates: Click Here


As you can see, a million-dollar life insurance policy is not cheap. But for some people, that’s the cost of protecting their family from financial hardship.

If your goal is to have peace of mind knowing if something were to happen to you, then it might be worth considering this type and size of coverage. Have more questions?

Get in touch with one of our licensed agents today! They would love nothing more than help answer any lingering questions about these policies or find one tailored just to your needs.