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30 Year level Term Life Insurance quote

Above all, the 30 year term life insurance cost is the most cost-effective long-term life insurance available. Buying term life insurance will provide death benefit coverage for a temporary amount of time with level premium payments. This is usually in terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years and do not accumulate or build cash value. The following will focus specifically on 30 year term life insurance. If unsure, ask your independent agent today!

In fact, Thirty years is a long time in terms of term life insurance. We usually recommend getting as long of a life insurance plan as you can afford; the longer the plan, the more costly it is per month because mortality has a better chance of happening in 30 years than say 10 or 20 years. Plus, if you get a 30-year term life insurance plan when you’re in your 30s, the plans will be a lot cheaper than getting a shorter term policy like a 15 year term when you’re older.

30 Year Term

30 Year term Life Insurance Policy

Primarily, a 30 year life insurance policy would be best for a consumer between the ages of 25 and 47. These are the years it will be the most cost-effective. For instance, every time I speak to a potential client under the age of 30, I almost scream to get a 30 year term policy. The reason is, it is the cheapest time to get a 30 year term. Also, most of the time consumers under thirty think a whole life insurance policy is best. These are the same clients that call me in their late thirties saying why did they even purchased a whole life. Furthermore, it is always best to explain term life vs whole life for someone that age and be transparent on the types of coverage available.

When you are starting out with a family, you want the most cost-effective way to protect them. Cheap affordable life insurance is cheap because you need a lot of it. In the event of your death, you might need to pay off your mortgage, have college paid for, or just make sure your spouse has a little financial cushion.

A 30 year term life insurance means you will have protection for 30 years as long as your premiums are paid. Unlike a permanent life insurance policy like a whole life, term life is for “If” you die in an allotted time the death benefit will be paid out. Permanent is for “when” you die. a 30 year term life insurance policy is by far the most affordable long-term policy you can get to protect your family.

You might ask what is a 30 year term life insurance cost? Below we will break it down by decade. You can also use the 30 year term life insurance calculator and quote tool on the left to see quotes within seconds.

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The most important thing is that you get some form of life insurance coverage. Without it, you’re taking a huge risk. If something unexpected were to happen to you, your family will be left to pay for any of your debts, mortgages, and final expenses. Furthermore, a life insurance plan can replace any income you may be receiving, as well as fund specific things, such as your children’s college tuition's.

If you find that at some point, you no longer want to have your 30 year contract, you can simply stop making the payments. A lengthy plan can give you peace of mind, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re making a huge commitment that you can’t get out of.

Not only is the 30 year term life insurance policy the more affordable than permanent, you will not be exposed to using life insurance as an investment.


There are several things you can do to get cheaper life insurance.  Obviously, excellent health helps along with other factors. Check out some of our tips below:

  • Know what’s out there — don’t just settle for the first life insurance company you meet with. Instead, compare multiple life insurance quotes from different carriers. You can do research to find out what the top life insurance companies are. A.M. Best is a rating agency that provides useful ratings and reviews on insurance companies —Whether term, whole, universal life polices, it’s a great resource to use. Whether term, whole, universal polices
  • Improve your general health before applying — Medical history matters! For an affordable 30 year term life insurance plan, you’ll need to take a medical exam. The results of this exam will help the life insurance company to determine how high of a risk you are. You’ll want to show up for this exam in tip-top shape in order to get the lowest rates. Before applying, exercise, eat healthily, lose excess weight, and take measures to lower your blood pressure.  Your level of activities daily living will play a role with carriers and their underwriting guidelines. 
  • Quit tobacco products — life insurance for smokers is usually two to three times more expensive than for nonsmokers. The use of smokeless tobacco will also up your rates. Quitting before applying is one of the best things you can do to lower the prices on your life insurance.

To be able to purchase the most affordable 30 year term policy, you would want to be under the age of 50.

1000000 TERM LIFE INSURANCE ~ a million in coverage, why not?

Again, not to rehash on age which we will talk about more in this article, but the 1 million 30 year term life is probably the best route to go. Remember, the family that you support will need to move on without you being present. You need to really sit down and think about what your family will need if you are no longer here.

At PinnacleQuote, we keep it really simple. We break it down to two very important things:

  1. Youngest Childs Age, because he/she is the one that depends on you the most financially in this world
  2. Your income, because if you die tomorrow, your paycheck will die with you

You can even consider a 30 year term life insurance 500k policy.  

30 Year Term

30 Year Term Life insurance Policy

For example, let’s take a 35 year old primary breadwinner who makes $100,000/year. He/she has four children but the youngest is 2 years old. If the primary breadwinner dies tomorrow how much would that family miss out on financially? That youngest child has about 20 years until college graduation. In this circumstance, I would recommend 15-20 times the income to properly protect the family. I also would like to knock off two birds with one stone.

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Layering term life policies

What I mean by that is, getting the last child through college, and getting to the retirement age of 65 with one policy. A 30 year term will get you there. I would also recommend layering term policies to SAVE UP TO 50% on premiums. That would require different term lengths like a half million dollar 20/30 year terms and a 1 million 10yr term policy.


A lot of people with pre-existing medical conditions, like diabetes, worry that they may not be able to be accepted for a 30 year term life insurance plan. However, this is simply not true. There are always ways to get covered.

Life insurance companies have different medical underwriting. With a bit of research, you can find out which companies tend to be more lenient toward certain conditions. This will significantly improve your chance of being accepted coverage.

You can also consider adding long term care riders to your policies as most insurers offer this. Ask your independent agent about riders. 


Furthermore, there is always the option for a no medical exam life insurance policy. With a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy, for example, you can get coverage regardless of your medical condition(s).

There are more benefits to life insurance policies that do not require a medical exam than just guaranteed acceptance. They also have an easier application process, and your coverage will begin very quickly after applying. Sometimes, it will only take a day or two before you are accepted. So, it’s also a good option for people looking for life insurance ASAP. However, prepare for these plans to be more expensive.

We offer some of the best no exam term policies on the market. Most cases approved in days. Here is a list of some of our top no exam carriers. Most are just a simple eAPP right over the phone and the policy in your possession within days. WOW that is FAST!!!!!!!!!

PinnacleQuote’s Top No Exam Carriers: There are hundreds of insurance products out there. Our job is to make sure you are saving money.  That the underwriting process goes smoothly, your life insurance premium is at a comfortable monthly rate and finally that the amount of life insurance you and your family need are in line with your financial planning and budget.

  1. Sagicor– SAG TERM Non MED, 10,15,20 year terms up to $500,000
  2. Phoenix– Safe Harbor Term No Exam up to $500,000
  3. American National– Signature Term Non-Med up to $250,000 (Living Benefits)
  4. North American– Simplified No Exams up to $1,000,000, some restrictions apply
  5. SBLI– Level Term Up to $500,000
  6. Foresters– Your term No Exam up to $400,000 (Living Benefits)
  7. Ameritas– FLX Living Benefits Term up to $250,000 (Living Benefits)
  8. Fidelity Life– RD Express Non-Med up to $250,000
  9. Mutual Of OMAHA– Term Life Express up to $250,000

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As we’ve already touched on, there are several things that are factored into your 30 year term life insurance rates.

Below, we’ll give you some examples of the kinds of prices you can expect for your monthly premiums on a $500,000 30 year term life insurance policy.

For Males (Rates based on Banner Life):

  • 25 years of age: ~$29/month
  • 35 years of age: ~$38/month
  • 45 years of age: ~$82/month
  • 30 Year Term

    30 Year Life Insurance Policy

    For Females (Rates Based on American General):

    • 25 years of age: ~$24/month
    • 35 years of age: ~$32/month
    • 45 years of age: ~$64/month

    (Other companies to consider include Protective Life, AIG, SBLI, Principal Life, Foresters, Assurity Life, Lincoln Financial, John Hancock, and Fidelity Life)

    Of course, the rates you are offered may be more or less than these amounts, but you get the idea. Notice that prices increase with age, and men need to pay more than women. If term life insurance is too expensive, you can consider just getting burial life insurance to pay for final expenses.  Keep in mind, there are living benefits life insurance built into these polices. No matter the amount of coverage or life expectancy.  See below! 

    best 30 year term life insurance companies

    Above all, when shopping for a 30 year term life insurance policy you want to make sure the financial strength rating is A or better from a legitimate ratings company like AM Best and/or JD Power and Associates. Whether its term life, whole life or universal life insurance, this is most important when looking at a carrier. Lets face it, if you die you do not want your family chasing down the insurance company to get the death benefit. 

    Remember, many carries compete for your business on the 30 year term. Here are some of the carriers that are very competitive on the 30 year term. 

    • Banner Life
    • Lincoln Financial Group
    • Protective Life
    • AIG
    • Principal
    • North American
    • Prudential
    • Foresters
    • Pacific Life
    • Mutual of Omaha

    Living benefits rider

    Living benefits life insurance and living benefits riders. This type of benefit is a terminal illness, chronic illness and a critical illness rider combined in one. There is no additional cost to have this type of rider. 


    Obviously, seeing above you can conclude when is the best time to get life insurance. The younger, the sooner you get 30 year life the more money you will save. I also tell my clients, especially the ones under the age of 40, if done right, you won’t ever have to do this again. So it is important to realize the impact of life insurance rates that vary by age.

    In fact, as an independent agent, I get calls all the time form clients that say, “I wish I would have just went longer ten years ago”, I say, “well it could be worse, you could have waited another five or ten years. The prices by decade starting at ae thirty drastically increase, as you can see above. To understand the rates for a 30 year term and different ages, use our life insurance calculator on the left that is floating.

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    Having a business is sometimes a 24/7 thing. Especially if you are an involved owner. If you are a young entrepreneur with business partners then getting a life insurance policy with a buy/sell agreement. Again, if you have multiple partners in a business it is essential to have business life insurance in place.

    For example, if you have 3 partners in a business, that is a 33.3% stake in that company. If one of the partners dies, who gets that stake? Well if the partner who passed has family, kids etc, then they would get that 33.3% stake. So now you would have a family that has a 33.3% stake or control in a company that they have no experience in running.

    The solution is a buy/sell agreement. This is when all partners involved get a life insurance policy on each other so if one should pass that life insurance policy would buy out the heirs of the company. A 30 year term life policy would work well with this. Some people would say that would b to long because the value of the company could change. This is true, but if the value would go up, then just add additional policies to make up the difference.

    key man policy is also something to look at. However in my opinion. a 30 year term life policy may be too long. Remember, people come and go, move on, get fired. So with a key man life insurance policy, you would want it to be the most affordable because of that reason and a 10/15/20 year terms would be sufficient.

    More Important, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at PinnacleQuote (855)380-3300.

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