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About us


Hi, my name is Danny Ray, Founder of PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists. I have been in the Financial/Life Insurance industry for over 28 years with our headquarters located in Jacksonville, FL.

As an award-winning independent national agent licensed in ALL 50 states, it’s a passion of mine to be able to assist families in properly protecting their loved ones. I can provide a life insurance solution to consumers with any health impairment, even a terminal illness.

We offer life insurance from age 0-90, with over 300 products spread across over 3 dozen A/A+ rated carriers. I say this with confidence, “You Cannot Find A Better Rate Anywhere, You Can Only Match It”!

I am the “One Size Fits All Agent!”

He is an expert in the following:

  • Medicare Supplements/Medicare Advantage
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Final Expense/Burial Insurance
  • Critical Illness (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Dementia)

Danny grew up on Long Island, NY in a town on the north shore called Rocky Point. He was raised by a single mother named Linda who worked 4 jobs to provide food and clothes for Daniel and his brother. His mother taught him an undying work ethic that he honed throughout his career.

Danny’s passion for this business also grew when he saw his mom scrape by paying for her parents’ funerals 2 years apart while being a single parent herself.

Because of this, he has a passion to make sure all seniors save as much money as possible being able to fill the gaps that an illness can cause financially. Above all, you seniors live on a fixed income and Danny knows that every dollar counts.

Feel free to reach out to him on his Direct Line, 888-531-7955, or email him at dray@PinnacleQuote.com .

Our Mission

I founded PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists in May of 2017. We are headquartered in the great city of Jacksonville, Florida, but our reach stretches across ALL 50 states.

My focus when starting PQ was to provide consumers with the absolute best service. To always put the client first!! This is a rarity in this business as the life insurance company and the agent/agency come first.

In fact, the client is usually third on the totem pole. I have seen this many times with agents and agencies over the years.

To me, clients are more than a couple of letters on a screen and a disembodied voice over the phone. It’s all about the relationship based on transparency, honesty, and commitment to excellence!! That’s what we provide to every client!!

Our process is the fastest in the industry. We are streamlined to over four dozen carriers. We are virtual so everything can be done over the phone and via DocuSign.

Above all, that enables the client to accomplish their goals quickly and efficiently. We are very committed to accuracy when applying as well. So within 10 minutes you can be applied and be back to your life enjoying time with your family knowing that this very important goal is crossed off your to-do list.

We will do the shopping for you, so you do the saving!!! Our average client saves tens of thousands of dollars over the decades of the life of the policy!! Find out why we live by…….