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How To Buy Life Insurance With Pre-Existing Conditions In 2023

You may think that life insurance with pre existing conditions may cause you to not get covered. I am telling you that there is a home for everyone and you should talk to us.

The value of life insurance is undeniable. It can provide peace of mind and financial stability to your family in the event that you pass away prematurely.

So when looking for life insurance with pre existing conditions you just need to know what to prepare for.

Life insurance rates are often higher for those who have pre-existing conditions, but it may not always be necessary to pay these higher rates if you purchase a policy through certain types of policies.

There are two main types: Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Term life offers coverage for a certain period (i.e., 10 years) while whole life provides lifelong benefits with no end date, which sounds like the best option right?

Keep reading to find out how to get life insurance regardless of health.

We break down the pros and cons as well as how each type affects your rate based on what kind of pre-existing condition you have below!

Life Insurance with Pre existing Medical Conditions


Can you get life insurance with pre-existing conditions… Let’s Talk…  

Better questions are How to get life insurance with a pre-existing condition (s)?! Depending on your condition or health issues, finding a carrier that will cover you may prove to be difficult.

Also, if you are able to buy life insurance with health issues, it will most likely be a high-risk policy, which is significantly more expensive than standard policies.

However, knowing which carriers specialize in specific health impairments, life insurance applicants will get affordable coverage regardless of any pre-existing health condition.

Honestly, it is easier than you think to obtain life insurance for people with medical conditions

Despite this, it is still possible to achieve the best life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions and get a decent policy.

The Good News is, there are several companies that actually specialize in insuring high-risk individuals that cover pre-existing conditions.

So determining who has the best life insurance policy for pre-existing conditions will depend on the carrier.

They all have their own niches that they specialize in. One thing is for certain, expect to pay a higher premium.

Life Insurance For People With Pre existing Health Conditions

What do I do if I seek life insurance for health problems?

This question is very relevant since life insurance companies will rate conditions differ in terms of risk and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

In fact, coverage for someone with poor health will vary from carrier to carrier.

For example, those with serious kinds of cancer, such as lung cancer or prostate cancer pre-existing condition, may have trouble getting traditional level term coverage at all.

Furthermore, finding proper protection for health problems may be frustrating and you might be limited on the death benefit.

Do Not Fret  communicate with your independent life agent and they will provide a great option when determining the best insurance policy for pre-existing conditions.

He/she is experienced with all types of life insurance and the top carriers and underwriting teams. They will know which carriers are best at the most affordable rates for you.

If you are getting treatment for a major health impairment then a guaranteed acceptance may be the only option. This policy is considered a permanent life insurance policy.

How To Access Life Insurance with Health Problems

They will need to assess how life-threatening your condition is. Luckily, advancements in medicine have to lead to people living longer and providing better treatment for all sorts of medical issues.

Insurance companies are beginning to adjust to this fact, and, therefore, more and more life insurance companies are beginning to offer lower rates for those with pre-existing conditions.

Unfortunately, purchasing a life policy will not get the same treatment a health insurance company will give as coverage is not guaranteed under the affordable care act.

All in all, when you have a pre-existing condition, it is important to get coverage to relieve all financial burdens for your family.

Life Insurance Quotes For Pre existing Conditions

What common health impairments will affect my life insurance premiums?

We will discuss many below in detail.  Here are some that you may have had, may have, or could possibly have if family history is a factor.

Examples of pre-existing conditions for life insurance are:

Life insurance regardless of the health conditions we will speak of is achievable. As far as life insurance quotes with pre-existing conditions, every insurance carrier has its own niche and criteria to determine the price.

You will hear us speak often that every carrier looks at every person differently. There are many factors to this besides health.  Age is also a factor. Lifestyle too in getting accurate life insurance quotes for pre-existing conditions.

Many clients have asked, Can someone with cirrhosis get life insurance? Depending on the severity, they may qualify for a guaranteed acceptance policy.

This is something that would need to be discussed with your agent so they could better guide you. at getting the best life insurance quotes for pre-existing medical conditions.

Can You Get Life Insurance With Pre existing Conditions

There are so many conditions. Although we may not have it listed, we specialize in all of them. If there is a condition that you have or have a question about, please reach out to us. Ask questions!

Some clients feel they may not be able to get life insurance with a specific condition.  This is not always the case.  Call us at (855) 380-3300 ext. 2.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy With Pre existing Conditions


A no-medical exam policy may be your best option if you’re having trouble getting accepted by a life insurance company.

Since these plans do not require a medical exam, it is easier for a high-risk applicant to get coverage. However, these policies are more expensive.

You always want to make sure that you are working with top-rated life insurance companies. Many of them are very financially stable, so they’ll be more comfortable taking on riskier applicants.

The underwriting for a no-exam is very similar to the underwriting for health insurance.

There are some conditions that may limit you and you may have to go with a Guaranteed Issue life policy. You may be concerned if you can afford life insurance under this type of policy.

Ask your independent agent to help you break it down.

You can pay for your policy with a credit card if you want to. But you have to pay all at once, or every six months. If you’re not sure, ask your agent.

Pre Existing Conditions Life Insurance

WHAT WILL BE MY RATING for life insurance for people with existing medical conditions

So the big question… can I get life insurance with pre existing conditions

If you are able to obtain and qualify for term life coverage, having a pre-existing condition will raise your rates.

However, going for a term policy has a significantly higher death benefit. This would benefit you compared to products with limited underwriting.

The following will give a range of ratings for different health impairments.

It will also break down different stages of health impairment into different rating classes based on the severity of the pre-existing condition.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Life Insurance

Suspected MS, but not confirmed:

  • < 2 years of the event – Table 4,
  • 3-4 years of the event – Table 3,
  • 4+ years – standard (preferred possible)

Definite MS:

  • < 2 years of the event – Table 6
  • 3-5 years – Table 4
  • 6-10 years – Table 3
  • After 10 years – Table 2
  • Severe Abnormalities, immobility – Decline

Income Protection Insurance Pre-existing Conditions

Is it a good idea to obtain income protection for pre-existing medical conditions? YES!  

Income protection insurance is an important insurance benefit.

Also known as disability insurance.  The terms and conditions vary from one carrier to another.

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to income protection insurance.  Depending on your illness or injury, there is short-term or long-term disability insurance.

Many clients have income protection or disability insurance through their employers.  

That is fantastic, however, if you quit or lose your job tomorrow, Now What?   Ask us about disability insurance Today!

Ho To Get Life Insurance With Pre existing Cancer

Prostate Cancer:

  • Standard if Older ages at diagnosis, Gleason Score < 6, No Gleason 4 or 5 reported.
  • PSA does not rise during active surveillance (watchful waiting) if over the age of 60.
  • PSA is persistently < 0.2 after radiation.
  • Also if PSA is persistently undetectable (<.01) after radical prostatectomy

Breast Cancer:

  • Standard of treatment completed over 5 years ago (excluding tamoxifen), and no evidence of recurrence.
  • 3- 5 years after treatment, fee extra between 5.00-10.00 per thousand.

If you are looking for coverage with pre-existing cancer and are still being treated, then the only policy available will be a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy.

These are guaranteed and you will not be denied!!

These policies generally have graded restrictions, for more information on these types of policies please reference our Guaranteed Acceptance article.

Above all getting coverage will always come down to the type of cancer and the stage of a cancer diagnosis.

For instance, if you have late-stage colon cancer and you have successful treatment, waiting periods may vary compared to other cancers.

Regardless, when the waiting period is over a term policy will give you the best opportunity for low months premiums.

Life Insurance with Pre Existing Condition Diabetes

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes 

  • Age at issue – 18-34 Table 4-6 (lower table for a shorter duration (< 7 years) since diagnosis)
  • 35-49 Table 3-5 (lower table for a shorter duration (< 7 years) since diagnosis)
  • 50-65 Table 3-4 (lower table for a shorter duration (< 7 years) since diagnosis)
  • 66+ Table 2-4 (lower table for a shorter duration (< 7 years) since diagnosis)
  • Add 1 table per 1% of A1c over 7%

Type 2 Diabetes

single medication or diet controlled

  • Age of Onset 0-17 – Decline
  • 18-34 – Table 3-5
  • 35-49 – Table 2-4
  • 50-65 – Table 1-3
  • Age of Onset 66+ – Standard Plus – Table 2
  • Add 1 table per 1% of A1C over 7%
  • If 2 medications, add 1 table

Furthermore, in most cases when a consumer is managing their diabetes, it’s very common to be on maintenance of high blood pressure medications in addition to cholesterol medication.

In fact, these medications in combination with metformin are a very common treatment regimen.

When it comes to underwriting, taking these medications really won’t have an adverse effect on your rate as it’s not being treated for an underlying condition.

Life Insurance Medical Conditions


Is epilepsy a critical illness? Yes, it is! It is very common to ask does insurance cover epilepsy surgery or if can you get life insurance with epilepsy.

It will come down to the type, how long since the last seizure, and what kind of medications you are taking.

  • Any surgical corrections – postpone 12 months
  • Complex partial, Tonic-clonic, infantile spasms;(within 6 months -postpone, within 2 years of last seizure-table 3, 3-5 years – table 2, after 5 years Std)
  • Simple partial, Nocturnal, generalized absence;(Within 2 years of last seizure – table 3, after 2 years, standard)
  • Metabolic brain disease, status epilepticus;(within 5 years, decline


Can you get life insurance if you have sleep apneaWhen you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and your physician prescribes you a CPAP machine but you do not use it, your premiums will reflect this.

A couple of insurance carriers that are great with sleep apnea:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Prudential

What can happen if sleep apnea is not treated? If you have symptoms and it is not treated, you are at risk for high blood pressure, heart failure, and even strokes.

Can you die from sleep apnea?  You actually stop breathing for a period of time throughout your sleep. So there is a huge risk of cardiac death. Always consult with your physician!

  • Mild – Standard Plus possible
  • Moderate – Standard
  • Moderate untreated – Table 2
  • Moderately Severe – CPAP nightly – Standard – Table 2
  • Severe, non-compliant – Decline


Finding the best life insurance companies for AFIB can be discouraging. However, more and more life insurance carriers have gotten lenient with the atrial fibrillation underwriting guidelines.

Here are some of the ways carriers may look at underwriting classes when determining coverage.

Assuming no other impairments are present:

  • No cardiac evaluation – Table 7 to decline
  • No structural heart disease – Table 3
  • Current heart failure – Decline
  • Paroxysmal/Intermittent/Recurrent – Standard possible
  • A single episode, resolved – No rating, Preferred possible


It can be demoralizing when suffering a heart attack. Life can change at a drop of a dime. If in recovery you probably think about the best life insurance after a heart attack and how to achieve it.

Below are the ways that underwriters will categorize your rating class after a heart attack.

  • < 40 – Decline
  • 40-50, after 12 months – Table 8
  • Age 50+, 3+ years – Table 4
  • Age 50+, 5+ years – Table 3


When you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder it can be scary. Once you are diagnosed with this condition it may be challenging to find life insurance.

In reality, insurance carriers just are not up to the times. Your bipolar life insurance rating will depend on treatment and if you have a stable treatment program.

Here are some of the ratings underwriters will look at when determining the rate class.

  • Mild – Stable, maybe taking psychiatric meds but no antipsychotic or MAO inhibitor. No suicide attempts or thoughts of suicide in the past 3 years. – Standard
  • Moderate – Psychiatric medication dosages increased in the past 12 months, with no suicide ideation in the past 6 months. Table 2
  • Severe – Use of MAO inhibitor, changes to medication dosages. – Table 4

How To Find Life Insurance Quotes with Pre-existing Conditions

There are several things you can do to lower your life insurance rates. Maybe the most important thing is to compare multiple quotes before deciding on which insurance company you want to go with.

Each life insurance company has different medical underwritings. This means that their assessment of people’s risk levels will vary.

Some companies will give people with diabetes affordable rates, while other companies will label them as high-risk.

Therefore, comparing rates can save you a considerable amount of money on life insurance. You can hire an independent insurance agent to help you with this process.

In fact, hiring an agent is usually a great investment — they’ll know right off the bat which companies to connect you with, and which companies to avoid.

Since they’ll have a lot of experience in the life insurance industry, an agent can be your best shot at finding affordable coverage.

There are other ways to get cheap and affordable protection, aside from simply comparing companies. Your general health level will have a major impact on your quote.

Anything you can do to make a better impression with the life insurance company before you apply is highly recommended.

Below, we’ll list a few things you can do before applying that will help get you a more affordable policy:

  • Quit smoking — quitting smoking a year before applying for life insurance can cut your rates in half
  • Exercise frequently
  • Lose excess weight
  • Lower your blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Eat healthier


Choosing the amount of coverage to buy is a huge decision. You want to make sure that you get a large enough life insurance policy to support your family after you pass.

Below, we’ll list some things you may want to consider covering:

  • Mortgage(s)
  • Any debts you may have
  • Children’s college tuition
  • Final expenses (funeral services usually cost around $10,000)
  • Replacement of salary or retirement income

Once you figure out everything you’d like covered, then it’s time to calculate the total cost. From there, you’ll have a better understanding of how much life insurance you’ll need.

Death benefits will be paid in a lump sum.


Even though you may have a pre-existing medical illness, such as heart disease, higher blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and liver or kidney disorder. Above all, this does not mean you’ll be declined coverage.

However, it may increase the rate and cause the life insurance process to lengthen.

Here are some tips to help simplify the procedure despite any healthcare problems in your history.

Finding the right agent will enable you to continue to keep the process going and secure the very best prices available.

With an independent life agent, you are able to maximize a carrier that can best fit your needs and which kind of policies to take into account.

Whether you choose a 20-year term or a permanent policy. Your agent will help you choose the best option.

But in case you’ve got a pre-existing illness, it is essential to be patient, as getting a high-risk life insurance policy will probably need more work upfront for both you and your representative.

Getting Life Insurance Regardless of Health

Ensure that you investigate your options and know exactly what you have to do and what questions you’re going to be asked about your well-being.

Needed documents frequently include prescription info, cover letters describing your health difficulties, or more comprehensive information if your broker wishes to have a quote from a provider.

However, before you even speak with an agent, collect as much info about your condition as possible.

You might require dates and documentation of healthcare diagnoses or treatments in addition to the title, frequency, and doses of any medicines you require.

With this information handy can cut the guesswork out of your broker so they are able to pair you with a suitable carrier.

Best Option For Pre-Existing Conditions?

Finding An Independent Agent

PinnacleQuote independent agent can shop current rates from more than 1 carrier, usually dozens.

It is easier to work with one agency. You can ask questions and they will help you find the best policy for you.

This saves you time, money, and the aggravation of having to talk to multiple agents just trying to sell you high-commission products.

Independent agents can isolate the one carrier that will give you the best rate.

On the reverse side, a captive agent functions with one insurance company. They are very limited in what they can offer, as far as products and prices.

Finding an agent that puts your interest ahead of your own can be challenging. Many consumers begin with obtaining a referral or looking on the internet for a neighborhood agent.

It’s important to realize that these are most cases of a captive agent.

A captive agent is very limited in the products they offer. Make sure you find an agent that is experienced in your health condition or in high-risk coverages.

Here at PinnacleQuote, we specialize in ALL health impairments.


Be as open as you can when talking to your broker. Especially if you are looking for life insurance for 50-year-olds and older.

Know he or she’s on your side and functioning for your benefit, however, the broker’s actions will be dependent on the information obtained from you.

Having appropriate dates for doctor visits, tests and treatments can help a good deal. Knowing drugs, doses, and data from previous laboratory results can also be very helpful.

You need to bring to the table whatever you can that would be concerning your problem. THE MORE THE AGENT KNOWS, THE MORE HE CAN DO FOR YOU!!


Above all, use your independent agent’s experience and know-how to shop around to find the best coverage is your best commodity.

The secret is that your independent agent will understand and know the carriers that will be most lenient to your condition. This will result in the best product for you.

This is particularly essential for high-risk scenarios since health impairments might be assessed differently from 1 carrier to another.

You and your agent need to pick a company you are familiar with and comfortable with.

Your agent also needs to have the ability to answer any questions or worries you have with each individual provider.  Most importantly, to assist you in comparing them for your condition rather than your cost.

More On Life Insurance and Pre existing Conditions


Depending on the health impairment, you could be limited to the types of coverage you are able to apply for or is available to you.

For example, fully underwritten policies require an exam. In most cases, the exam is very similar to a yearly physical exam. There will also be a prescription check based on your SS#.

In addition, an attending physician’s statement, (APS), which is a doctor’s statement.

If you have some health problems, you might not be able to get life insurance that covers you forever. But you might be able to get life insurance for a particular number of years.

Additionally, some riders or benefits, such as instance, a waiver of the premium rider which protects you in the event of disability, might not be accessible to people with specific diminished risks.

guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan guarantees you cannot be declined and does not have any medical questions or examinations.

While it sounds amazing, you’re going to be considerably restricted by how much coverage you are able to purchase, you will pay more in insurance premiums.

They also come with a grading period, which might not offer you complete benefits for 2-3 years. These policies must be your very last resort due to the high premiums and limited coverage.


When your doctor and agent are on the same page, it can make the entire process easier. In some cases, the is very beneficial when you’re seeing multiple doctors or specialists.

This makes it easier to request information from some other medical professionals you have seen regarding your problem.

Communicating with your physician to guarantee accuracy and efficacy is also key. More than half the time medical records are either not up to date or have verbiage that is not right.

Not only would you like to make sure that your file is up-to-date and appropriate.

But you also wish to alert the physician’s office beforehand so that it may send the paperwork to the appropriate location immediately. In fact, doing this can speed up the process from weeks to days.

Having any kind of health impairment in your medical history may result in much more scrutiny when you look for life insurance coverage.

However, an investment of time upfront can help save you money and time down the road. It can also allow your agent to do what he does best, getting you the best option at the best price!

Trip cancellation with Pre-Existing Condition

Many will ask, Does any travel insurance cover Pre-Existing Conditions? We know that a pre-existing condition is already a condition that you have, diagnosed by a doctor or not.

Check with your travel insurance company and their policies on pre-existing conditions. Sometimes there are exclusions.



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You might be wondering, “How do I get life insurance with a pre-existing condition?” The answer is not as easy as you may think.

Depending on your condition or health issues, finding a carrier that will cover you may prove to be difficult. Even if someone offers coverage it could come at an astronomical cost!

If this sounds like your situation and you’re looking for help securing the right type of plan for yourself then we can find one for you!

We’ll work diligently to match up what’s available in your area and make sure it fits all of your needs.

Contact us today about getting quotes from our team so we can take care together toward better answers tomorrow.

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