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2023 Guide To Life Insurance With COPD

As we get older, it is only natural to worry about what will happen if the worst happens.

Getting life insurance with COPD can be debilitating, and life insurance is a must-have for those who are diagnosed with this condition.

What do you need to know?

We’ll tell you right now about how to achieve accurate COPD quotes for life insurance!

Can You Get Life Insurance With COPD

Life insurance for people with COPD, can I get covered?

If you have been recently diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD and asked yourself, “does having COPD make you ineligible for life insurance”, the answer is no.

Above all, having COPD will come down not to whether you can get coverage, but to what rating class you will get.

All life insurance companies have different guidelines when it comes to COPD.

However, being diagnosed with COPD and finding affordable life insurance rates will come down to whether it is mild, moderate, or severe.

In addition, if you are on oxygen and what type of treatment or medications you are taking.

Life Insurance For COPD Sufferers

I guess we have answered the question, “Can I get life insurance if I have COPD”.

Again, it will come down to a few things when it comes to COPD life insurance underwriting.

COPD insurance coverage and life insurance rates will be determined on which carrier to go with.

An experienced independent agent will lead you to the best choice.

Overall, life insurance is based on mortality.

So if you are asking yourself, “can you die from COPD”, the answer is yes.

But we are all going to die someday.

If you have smoked you’re just getting there faster.

The bottom line, stop smoking and you will live longer than if you continued.

Life Insurance For Smokers With COPD

Life insurance carriers will want to know when the diagnosis was.

In addition, they will want to know if you are still smoking.

Overall, if you are still smoking then you will be considered high risk, and depending on your treatment, you may be declined.

Again, having any type of lung disease like COPD with a combination of active smoking is a double WHAMMY!!

So if you are looking for the most affordable insurance quotes you might want to put down the cigarettes.

Does moderate COPD qualify for disability?

Above all, COPD is a progressive disease that will take years off your life.

In addition, if you are unable to do daily activities because you are gasping for air, then YES you are disabled.

However, moderate COPD insurance coverage would be a rating of Table 4 at best.

For example, this would include occasional infections with no steroids but regular medication use.

Getting The Best Life Insurance For COPD

I have COPD can I be covered by life insurance?

This is one of the most common questions when engaging with COPD life insurance.

Regardless, if you have COPD we will find you a policy.

It will just come down to the following as far as rate class.

Here is the rule of thumb ratings for COPD and Life Insurance:

DegreeSymptomsRxFev1Rate Class
MildNone–except for occasional throat clearing and respiratory infectionNone60-80%Table 2/B
ModerateAirway obstruction on moderate exertion such as climbing two flights of stairsInhaler50-60%Table 4/D
SevereShortness of breath with activity such as dressing, walking one blockSteroids, Multiple Inhalers40-50%Table 7/G
ExtremeDisabled, shortness of breath at rest or minimal activityHome Oxygen<40%Decline

All of these ratings will determine the price you pay.

Furthermore, don’t worry if you have an extreme case of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, there is always a guaranteed acceptance policy as a last resort for a death benefit.

Keep in mind that the underwriting process will consist of:

  • Health Questions
  • Treatment and medications
  • Medical Exam
  • Last pulmonary function test and results
  • Medical Records

In addition, have you been recently admitted to the hospital for shortness of breath or chronic bronchitis?

Term Life Insurance for COPD

Above all, if you are looking to protect your loved ones that depend on you financially then a term policy probably will be the best way.

However, even if you have mild COPD it will impact the price of the policy.

Here are the prices for a 65-year-old with Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Extreme COPD for $100,000.00 15 year term:

COPD DiagnosisRate ClassTerm LengthFace AmountMonthly Premium
MinimalStandard15 year Term$100,000$117.85
MildTable 215 year Term$100,000$146.72
ModerateTable 415 year Term$100,000$193.91
SevereTable 715 year Term$100,000$264.69

Having a pre-existing condition such as COPD, you must understand that the disease is progressive and only gets worse.

Overall, underwriters think the same way.

So it comes down to an accurate risk assessment.

This will be the basic underwriting that we spoke about earlier in this article.

However, it would be best to fill out a COPD Questionnaire.

Here are some common questions that will assist the underwriter in making a decision.

What Questions To Expect On The Application

COPD Underwriting Questionnaire

  1. Date Of Diagnosis

  2. Type of lung disease diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):

    Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Restrictive Lung Disease, Etc.

  3. Has the proposed insured ever been hospitalized for the condition

  4. Is the proposed insured taking any medications

    (Incl. Inhalers and oxygen?)

  5. Has a pulmonary Function Test ever been done?

  6. What is the proposed insured’s build?

  7. Has a chest X-Ray been done?

  8. Has an ECG been done recently?

  9. Are there any other medical conditions affecting the proposed insured?

    If yes, please describe in detail below:

Again, the more information the underwriter has the better chance they can make a better decision.

A key point to know if you make the underwriter’s job easier you make get a lenient process.

Which Exposure Accounts For Most Cases of COPD

Overall, about 80-90% of COPD cases are due to exposure to tobacco smoke.

Other cases are usually associated with occupational work, secondhand smoke, and pollution.

COPD is a progressive disease that takes several years to develop in addition to being the 3rd most common cause of death in the US.

Is COPD a degenerative disease? Yes, it is!!

Best Life Insurance For Seniors With COPD

What about life insurance for seniors with COPD?

Once you are at retirement age the amount of life insurance usually changes.

You are now considered an empty-nester.

In fact, you may only have a spouse that depends on you.

In this case, if you need life insurance these are the best products at age 65 or over.

Here are life insurance quotes with COPD for a 65-year-old patient with Mild COPD.

ProductGender/AgeFace AmountCoverage PeriodMonthly/Annual
TermMale/65$250,00015 Year Term$260.58/$3,029.99
Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL)Male/65$100,000GUL To Age 100$228.50/$2,655.30
FInal Expense/Burial PolicyMale/65$40,000Lifetime$213.42/$2,398.00

Burial Insurance With COPD

Finding burial insurance or final expense insurance with COPD can be frustrating.

However, there are many life insurance carriers that will cover you on day one as long as you are not using oxygen.

If you are using Oxygen, then you will have to settle for a graded, modified, or guaranteed issue policy.

Here are our go-to carriers that you should be aware of that will cover COPD for day one coverage.

  • CVS (Aetna Accendo) Standard
  • Foresters (PlanRight) Standard
  • GCU Standard

Life Insurance For People on Oxygen

Although you may have options for non-oxygen COPD life insurance, there are not many options for oxygen use.

You see, adding oxygen use to any high-risk pre-existing condition will be enough to scare any insurance carrier into not taking a risk.

However, we do have a burial insurance carrier that will give you a modified policy on 30% (Year one), 70% (Year 2) then 100% after year 2 as far as coverage.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.

If you have other health issues like alzhiemers or gastrointestinal disease than a guaranteed issue life insurance policy may be the only option.

Is COPD Classed as a Critical Illness

Overall, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder can be considered a disability.

In fact, any health impairment that causes substantial limiting or quality of life would be considered under ADA guidelines.

However, when it comes to “critical illness” insurance such as heart, cancer, this would be covered if these were caused by COPD.

You should check with your life insurance professional to find out more.


COPD is a chronic lung condition that can have many different symptoms.

According to the Center for Disease Control, you’re at risk of contracting COPD if you smoke cigarettes or are exposed to secondhand smoke on a regular basis.

If this sounds like something that could happen to you in the future, it might be time to get life insurance now.

We hope our list has helped guide your decision about which type of life insurance plan would work best with your current and potential health risks!

Give us a call today so we can help find an affordable option that will provide financial security for years into the future.

Have any other questions? Just ask!