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2022 Guide to Medical High-Risk Life Insurance

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You’re probably wondering what life insurance has to do with the future. This is a great question! After all, you’re not planning on dying tomorrow, are you?

The truth is that your needs may change over time and being prepared for potential risks in the future can result in peace of mind today. It’s never too early to start thinking about these things so let me tell you how 2022 Guide to Medical High-Risk Life Insurance can help.

Life Insurance For High-Risk People ​

What you thought you knew

Notably, it makes logical sense that obtaining a cheap term life insurance policy is more accessible for healthy people.

It’s important to realize that here at PinnacleQuote we are impaired risk life insurance specialists. So for any pre-existing condition, we have a life insurance carrier that specializes in it. In addition, another name for a substandard risk classification is high-risk insurance.

Moreover, those considered higher risk will have a challenging time, indeed. Considering, those who aren’t necessarily in tip-top shape, or for those that live out what is to be a ‘high-risk lifestyle’ will expect substandard impaired risk life insurance rates.

In other words, they’ll likely need to settle for a high-risk life insurance plan. Nevertheless, for those in their 40’s and 50’s, getting a 20-year term life policy is the most common policy for high-risk term life insurance.

There are plenty of factors that go into which life insurance plan you’ll be able to obtain. For example, this includes medical history, family history, occupation, whether or not you smoke, etc.

These are all factored into your ‘health rating’ that will determine price!

Furthermore, all carriers have different underwriting guidelines and it is important to be working with the right independent agent or high-risk life insurance brokers. 

“We Specialize In High-Risk Life Insurance” ~ Danny Ray, Founder of PinnacleQuote

What is Considered High Risk Insurance

In most cases, high risk is considered a consumer that is looking to purchase life insurance for pre-existing conditions or life insurance for the hard to insure consumer.

These types of policies are considered “Hard to Place Life Insurance” as you need to bring this type of profile to a specialty carrier that is lenient towards the health impairment. These are considered impaired risk life insurance carriers.

What is Impaired Insurance?

Overall, getting life insurance with health impairments is like getting car insurance for a young driver or someone that has too many at-fault accidents. This would be considered “high-risk car insurance”.

Well, the same thing is true about life insurance. In fact, it is so important that you deal with a specialist that can match you up with the right carrier at the right price.

Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance For High Risk Seniors

When looking for a life insurance policy for seniors the biggest risk that determines the rate is health. In fact, applying for life insurance at these ages will be determined by the medical conditions past and present.

Above all, talking to an impaired risk specialist will give you the best chance for success in acquiring an affordable life insurance policy for seniors.

What Is Substandard Risk Life Insurance

When applying for a high-risk policy or medical high-risk life insurance you will need to get in touch with an experienced life specialist or life insurance broker like us at PinnacleQuote.

Above all. you need an independent agent that knows the in and out of all life insurance risk categories to find the preferred risk life insurance company.

For example, if you have seizures and you are looking for life insurance with epilepsy, get matched up with the carrier that specializes in seizures!

In addition, getting life insurance for a high-risk individual is the same as a high-risk driver. As stated earlier, if you are in excellent health then it is like having a perfect driving record.

Car insurance companies look at drivers like life insurance companies look at an individual’s health.

Furthermore, high-risk auto insurance is similar to high-risk life insurance as you will pay more for that risk. Also, some insurance companies, both auto and life, look at someone’s credit score as well.

Just a few things to keep in mind on how to understand the risk assessment for an individual.

How Do I Find High Risk Life Insurance Brokers

Here at PinnacleQuote, we have access to over 3 dozen life insurance carriers that specialize in any impaired risk life insurance. So it is just as important to be shopping at high-risk life insurance companies.

Above all, whatever the health impairment is we have the carrier that will give you the most affordable high-risk life insurance available.

Furthermore, what this means for the high-risk consumer is that you will not find a better rate with a better carrier. We insist that you try because it will just validate our price.

We Are Nationwide High Risk Life Insurance Agents

When dealing with a high-risk job, health issue, or hobbies, you want to be dealing with impaired risk life insurance brokers. These are not your local window storefront life insurance carriers like State Farm or Allstate.

Although these companies are good for auto and home, but awful for life. So these companies are outmatched to this demographic of a client as they will most time decline as a high-risk consumer.

A PinnacleQuote Independent agent will give you options from ONLY high-risk life insurance carriers. Above all, these carriers will give you the best chance for success for affordable life insurance coverage.

When finding a life insurance policy it is very important to be connected to high-risk life insurance providers.

Is Affordable High-Risk Life Insurance Possible


When looking for affordable coverage with a history of health issues you will be considered high risk in the eyes of the carrier. In fact, if you have multiple health impairments you may only get substandard impaired risk life insurance.

It s important to make sure to work with an independent agent that specializes in all health impairments. In general, life insurance for high-risk seniors needs to be as affordable as possible.

So it is key to find an impaired risk life insurance specialists like here at PinnacleQuote.

What Are The Best High Risk Life Insurance Companies

If you are shopping for life insurance it is important to know that there is not a “one size fits all” method. Above all, you can throw away a lot of your hard-earned money buying the wrong policy from the wrong carrier.

Overall, you need to look at life insurance companies for high-risk that specialize in the impairment that you have.

Here is a list of high-risk life insurance companies that we would shop you to:

  • Protective Life (Heart Impairments)
  • AIG/American General (Diabetes/Asthma/Bi-Polar)
  • ANICO (Sleep Apnea/Cigar and Smokeless Tobacco)

Now we have many more that will cover certain high-risk health impairments. Be sure to ask your PinnacleQuote Independent agent about them.

What Is Impaired Risk Life Insurance

Impaired risk life insurance is when the insurance carrier deems you a higher risk than your peers. This can be due to health issues, occupation, or hobbies. Overall, these will not affect the death benefit but it will impact the price.

In reference to health issues, they will look at your medical history and you will have to take a medical exam. Furthermore, if you have extreme health issues then guaranteed issue would be a policy you can get regardless of health.


Some insurance providers are more lenient on specific health issues than others. What the above sentence means is that every insurance company determines your degree of risk and it is in the hands of the insurance underwriter.

For example, some carriers may treat your diabetes as well managed because of an evaluation that was in range.

Furthermore, other carriers might see your diabetes as unmanaged resulting in a substandard rating or table rated.

That’s why it’s very important to talk to an independent agent that is knowledgeable about impaired risk life insurance companies. 

Working with a PinnacleQuote agent is key. He will know which carrier will be the most affordable. In fact,  a PinnacleQuote agent will supply you with the best product for your particular health situation.

We have experienced success with Numerous Risky life insurance, health impairments, and impaired risk life insurance underwriting cases that include:

More About Life Insurance For High Risk Individuals

Above all, if you are a risk-taker and you have hazardous hobbies the life insurance company could give you a flat extra on your insurance quote. This is sometimes called a special risk.

A flat extra is when the carrier will add on a fee per $1000 of coverage. This basically says that you are more of a risk than the rest of us.

A life insurance company may also offer you a flat extra for a period of years. In some cases, 3-5 years depending on the health condition. This is usually for cancer patients who just ended treatment and still have a risk window opened.

How do I Save Money on my High-Risk Life Insurance Quote

By contacting us! At PinnacleQuote, there are several ways that we can save you large sums of money. We have a ton of relationships with high-risk life insurance carriers!

High Risk
Will I Need High-Risk Life Insurance?

Above all, we know how to narrow it down to the top option, despite being considered high risk. We only work with A.M. Best superior rated companies for superior financial strength.

Here are a few of the ways we can help:

  • First, contacting several insurance companies, which allows us to find the best rates/coverage for you.
  • Second, being familiar with which companies may not consider you as high of a risk, according to your specific lifestyle.
  • Third, saving you the time, you would need to contact all these companies yourself!

More On Life Insurance for High-Risk Seniors

When you get older the body starts to break down naturally. In fact, substandard impaired risk life insurance becomes more and more common over the age of 65.

In addition, this becomes more frequent for life insurance over 75. At this age, you’re within a few years of mortality age. This is the age life insurance for high-risk seniors becomes very pricey.

Common health problems in the elderly:

Keep in mind, PinnacleQuote specializes in impaired life insurance. Any health impairment you face, talk to us about it.

Some of these will not fall into a standard rate that companies offer based on the condition. When applying for life insurance there are many factors these carriers consider.  

Especially impaired risk life insurance, a dangerous job, and certain medical conditions will put you into that high-risk category, resulting in premium payments being a bit more expensive.

You must remember though, you are paying for peace of mind. In the event of your death, you do not want your family struggling to pay your final expenses out of pocket. 

High risk life insurance


Below are medical high or also known as special risk life insurance examples:

Primarily, falling into any of these categories, consumers most likely will be high-risk life insurance individuals.

Even more, life insurance for seniors over 75 will have a hard time getting life insurance with these impairments. However, getting life insurance at any age, rates will be higher if you’re at high risk.

“Affordable High-Risk Life Insurance Is Our Specialty” ~ Danny Ray, Founder of PinnacleQuote


Not to sound like a broken record, but let’s focus on which health issues will affect rates the most.

Good news, In most cases, these will have no or little effect on your life insurance premiums.



These may be approved for normal rates,(Standard/Standard Plus).


Obtaining life insurance in these cases would be considered substandard rates to a decline

What is a risk and how is risk determined in life insurance

What about high-risk work?

Many of these may be relatively obvious. Any job where your life is potentially at risk.

For instance, this includes jobs that require having a gun, wear heavy protective gear, work from dangerous heights.

Also, travel to what are considered high-risk areas (the US State Department has a dangerous travel list), etc.

Affordable high Risk Life Insurance

Then you’ve got your non-medical high-risk cases, at which we additionally focus. Why is this essential?

All these really are the elevated risk Life Insurance individuals who might work at a hazardous job or possess dangerous hobbies, such as motorized racing or skydiving.

Plus so they too have to need to pay high premiums compared to the common person.

Life Insurance For High-Risk People…

Life insurance for HIGH-RISK OCCUPATIONS

When you work in a dangerous occupation or dangerous profession it is very important to talk to an independent agent that is knowledgeable with high-risk life insurance quotes for dangerous jobs.

These are high-risk jobs that put the primary breadwinner in danger day in and day out. Having the right policy with a guaranteed death benefit makes the risks of the job worthwhile knowing your family is protected.

Here are some examples of cases dealing with dangerous occupations/avocations:

  • Private Pilots/Private Aircrafts
  • Scuba Diving over 100 feet
  • Loggers/Lumberjacks
  • Commercial Fisherman such as lobster boats for example

Clearly said, we have seen the very best solution for a term and whole life insurance for those who have medical impairments or accepting drugs or any other risk factors.

Above all, you MUST talk to an independent agent for high-risk life insurance quotes for hazardous jobs. They will find you the best high-risk life insurance policies available.

More on Life Insurance for High Risk Occupations

Here are some of the occupations that will cause the insurance company to offer high-risk quotes.

Police officers keep us safe. However, there are some jobs that put them more in danger. For instance, if an officer is on SWAT then it is more of a dangerous job as they are kicking in doors trying to apprehend dangerous criminals.

Another occupation can be a window cleaner for skyscrapers. You know the ones on the scaffold dozens of stories above the ground. This would put them in a risk category.

There are many others like logging, offshore drilling, etc. These would cause the carrier to rate you differently. So be sure to be in contact with an impairment risk specialist life insurance agent.

What Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If all else fails, you can still get coverage!

As a final point, get in touch with us, as we offer guaranteed life insurance plans. You can obtain a term life insurance plan, as opposed to a pricier and less flexible permanent life insurance plan.

However, we’d also recommend doing whatever you can to live a healthier lifestyle.  No medical exam is required. No health questions.

No Exam life insurance ~ Period!

For example, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and stopping unhealthy habits, such as smoking. Life insurance in your 30’s will be the last decade you will be able to get the lowest prices.

Unless of course, you’re looking for life insurance after a DUI or any other special risk life insurance. To conclude, life insurance in your 50’s is the last decade before rates start going through the roof.

Term Life Insurance For High Risk Consumers

In our experience, the way you approach looking for a quote or policy may play a vital part in obtaining the perfect policy depending on the types of risks.

For example, there are particular cases when we recommend a Term Life Policy instead of a Permanent Life Policy as it may help widen the options amongst firms competing for the organization and keep costs low for those considered risky.

With PinnacleQuote, we work with over 50 life insurance companies. Many are well known because of their handling of “risky” cases of individuals with preexisting conditions, call us to find out which carriers will look at you most lenient.

PinnacleQuote can enable you to get the best selection of options and choose only the perfect policy for you personally.

Who Are The Best Impaired Life Insurance Providers


Are you looking for high-risk life insurance coverage?  

Whether it is a term policy or a high-risk whole life insurance policy.  It will save you time, money, and a lot of frustration by calling upon your independent agent.

The following are the top carriers we recommend. But remember, every carrier will look at every person differently, based on health and lifestyle and of course history.  

The best high-risk insurance companies are:

  • AIG
  • Banner Life
  • Prudential
  • Protective

These are just a few of our faves who offer life insurance.

We consider these the best high-risk life insurance companies.

Lifestyles And High-RIsk Life Insurance

Nobody wants to believe in dying. It’s a negative idea, but it’s something you can not avert, rather than likely for this is a risky decision.

Would it not be difficult for your survivors to live the identical lifestyle they are accustomed to in the event that you should expire? 

Probably not!

Accidents by definition are unplanned. Thus begin formulating a plan today to secure your loved ones for future years.

Getting high-risk is okay, but additionally, it means you should consult with experienced brokers who know coverage options in the insurance industry.

A PinnacleQuote agent has a great deal of experience working with high-risk candidates as well as our research proves we will fight for you to get qualified for coverage.

Don’t waste your time on the phone calling dozens of organizations, let us do most of that work for you.

Can you get high-risk life insurance?  contact Danny Ray, Founder of PinnacleQuote Today…


Here at PinnacleQuote, we can connect you with the top life insurance companies.

We know which carriers will give you the best high-risk quotes. Once we gather your information and estimated budget, we guarantee the life insurance company that best meets your needs.

Once we connect you with your optimal life insurance company, you’ll likely go through a physical, so that they can gain more information on your health status. However, it’s possible to get life insurance without a physical.

It’s easy to put it off, but the truth is that life insurance is essential to have, especially for those considered high risk. 

After obtaining a stable life insurance policy, you’ll feel relieved to know that adequately protecting your family.  Primarily, against your debts and final expense.


We use risky life insurance customers every day so we know the ideal method to receive your hazard found in a fantastic light.

We all get your information such as what sort of illness, hobby, or occupation that you have that’s considering you risky.

The underwriter will receive a list of your medications too and we start there. We are going to take it to the insurance firms and determine which one will provide you with the very best speed for your situation. 

We comprehend exactly what is identified as a “Quick Quote” if mandatory that’s a preapproval out of the life insurance provider and we send that along with the application form to move it quickly and readily.

Finding reliable high-risk life insurance

Once an individual has an absolute way of life or health condition that raises their danger of passing prior to an average lifespan, they will thus be classified as a large risk from the life insurance carriers.

It adds a certain risk factor to the insurance company where they will bill significantly more than before for that man to receive a definite life insurance plan.

Many men and women feel that simply by being at a risky label that you have no other likelihood of receiving standard or premium life insurance prices or even being able to get life insurance in any way.

So, the simple truth is it is possible to get affordable life insurance because of high-risk individuals. 

One of the essential things you need to do is utilize a life insurance professional who knows how to recognize the chance and certainly will help do all types of policy-related actions.


Danny Ray Independent Agent

Danny Ray Founder/Independent Agent

First, PinnacleQuote is here for you. Stop shopping around for high-risk insurance brokers! 

Second, protecting your family is our top priority.

Third, We can help set you up with the best life insurance companies and find the most reasonably-priced policies for you.

Finally, working with us WILL save you a tremendous amount of frustration, time, and energy.

Although PinnacleQuote is based out of Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida,  I have clients Nationwide. I am a family protector. Having over 25 years under my belt this still is my passion.  

We are a family-owned business, I work side by side with my Fiance, Lisa.  She does all our marketing and promotions. In addition, she is our final expense specialist. 

If you are looking for high-risk life insurance agents who have years of experience in every high-risk impairment. Call today!

Any questions, do not hesitate to call (855)-380-3300. 

Life Insurance ~ The last way to say I Love You….



It’s perfect for those who are healthy and have no dependents. If you need to find out more about the different types of life insurance, we can help!

We will show you how to get a quote on your personal situation at any time with our very own online application process. Start saving precious money by clicking here!

PinnacleQuote’s Simple Process

We are not in the business of selling. We are actually against that. We like to educate our clients and provide them with the best options. We based those options on the specific profile of the client. So we tailor make you a life insurance policy