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2024 Guide On Life Insurance With Heart Disease

If you are one of the consumers that think they cant get life insurance with heart disease then you need to read this to the end.

Heart disease is a serious condition that affects almost one in five adults. It’s the leading cause of death in the United States and there are many risk factors for heart disease, including high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking, diabetes, and obesity.

If you’re worried about whether or not your health may be putting you at risk for developing heart disease – read on!

We’ve compiled some information to help seniors understand what life insurance can do for them when they have a chronic illness such as heart disease. Read on to learn more about how we can protect your loved ones with our affordable coverage plans from Life Insurance America (LIA).

Life Insurance for Heart Disease Patients

Having heart disease otherwise, known as cardiovascular disease is something that can cause a person to think about their mortality.

In doing this, they’ll likely realize how important life insurance is. Especially for those that have people financially dependent on them, such as children.

In fact, being diagnosed with heart disease, you are a  high risk life insurance applicant.

If you don’t have life insurance and you pass away, your loved ones are left to pay for any of your debts, mortgage bills, and final expenses. This is the last thing that any caring person would want.

Life Insurance For Someone With Heart Disease

Unfortunately, having heart disease does make getting a life insurance policy a more difficult process.

However, you shouldn’t assume that you won’t be able to get coverage. There are always life insurance options for those determined to find them.

Even if you have been declined life insurance for heart disease, we know the carriers that are most lenient.

Young adults with many congenital heart conditions can usually buy life insurance without any difficulty, but the fee may be higher.

Term life insurance policy, especially if bought through an organization like an employer, is often reasonably priced and requires less medical info to sign up.

Insurance carriers vary a lot in the way they believe congenital heart disease when offering life insurance coverage. 

Compare information from various life insurance carriers before drawing conclusions on your insurability.

PinnacleQuote insurance agent does not work for just 1 company so we will shop you to many to help you compare policies.  Our agents know the best insurance for heart conditions and will help you get the best rate.

Life Insurance For Heart Attack Survivors

Life insurance after stent

When you’ve needed a one vessel stent without a prior heart attack at age 50 or older, you might be eligible for a regular or standard rate with several insurance carriers.

This isn’t always simple to achieve.

However, we know which carriers will be the most lenient for the best life insurance quotes about heart disease!

When you have experienced a bypass/stent or a heart attack, or some other coronary artery disorder event before age 50, many life insurance carriers will rate you.

In some cases, life insurance with heart conditions will charging double or triple above standard rates. This is due to the assumed risk.

They figure if you’re under 50 and you are having the cardiac disease now, it will only get worse in the future.

Some carriers will decline you in the event that you’ve experienced coronary artery disorder the others won’t. It usually takes some searching to find the right fit. 

At PinnacleQuote, we will locate an insurance carrier that will provide you with insurance no matter your cardiac history. 

So do not get frustrated,  finding life insurance for heart attack victims is something that PinnacleQuote specializes in.

We also have declined life insurance options. Everyone gets covered!

Get Approved For Life Insurance With Heart Disease

Life insurance with health problems may be challenging. 

However, if you are strategic about it,  it can be achieved.  

Below we’ll cover some of the things you can do to increase your chances of getting approved life insurance for heart patients and better life insurance rates with heart disease:

  • Listen to your doctor! — Your doctor will know how to best manage your heart disease. If they prescribe you medication, make sure you take it exactly how your doctor tells you to. Listen to any other recommendations or methods such as stress tests and other treatment that they give you. Showing that your willing to take all the precautions to control your heart disease will resonate with your medical examiner.
  • Improve your general health —Like for anyone applying for life insurance for heart disease, your general health will be a major factor in determining your rates. Before applying for life insurance and taking the medical exam, exercise, eat healthier, lose excess weight, and do anything else that will improve your overall well being.

Life Insurance With Health Issues, Unhealthy Habits, And Comparing Quotes

Quit Smoking!!!

  • Living with a heart condition is an awful feeling.  Making lifestyle changes will help. Start by Quitting any unhealthy habits — Tobacco users (smoking or chewing tobacco) can expect to pay 2 or 3 times more for their life insurance than non-tobacco users! Quitting tobacco products a year before applying could be the number one best way to get more affordable life insurance.
  • Stay organized — Affordable life insurance companies love working with people that have all of their information recorded and on hand. If you answer all of their questions thoroughly and accurately, they’ll be far more willing to approve your application and could offer you lower prices.
  • Compare quotes! — Each life insurance company has different medical underwriting, especially for heart bypass surgery. With a condition like heart disease, prices will likely differ depending on which insurance company you meet with. One of the best ways to get more affordable life insurance is to compare several quotes and find the cheapest policy. Always give your agent your full medical history to avoid any underwriting problems.

How Does Exercise Strengthen Your Heart?

Have you been living a healthy way of life?

Have you ever changed your diet and exercise?

Insurance companies want to understand. If not, whatever led to the stent in the first place is very likely to repeat. As we have mentioned, heart disease life insurance can be challenging.  

Making simple changes in your diet for overall health and wellbeing will make the process simple in the long run.

For many individuals, having a single stent surgery is a wake-up call and they will end up fitter in the near future because of it. That’s if they take action and make lifestyle changes! 

Quitting smoking is actually a significant goal for more affordable life insurance rates after angioplasty/stent/coronary bypass or heart valve replacement.  

Not to mention reduce the risk for other health issues. Smoking rates are usually more than 300% higher than non-smoking rates for clients with heart problems.

So quit smoking if you want cheaper life insurance cardiovascular disease rates. 

How To Get Cheap Life Insurance For Heart Bypass Patients

Small changes in diet may also assist you to​ drop weight, such as heart-healthy foods. Healthy eating is key to good cholesterol, reduces your risk for heart disease, in addition, it will enhance your blood pressure readings.

Consequently, you will be eligible for lower life insurance rates as well. This is a win-win situation. Make these changes for your well being. And also you may save yourself money at the same moment. 

With all that being said, keep in mind there are health benefits to regular exercise. Obviously, do not do any form of exercise before you speak to your doctor. 

Aerobic exercise might be great for one person but not for another. Listen to your heart rate and watch how much physical activity you are incorporating into your routine.

Whether 150 minutes or 30 minutes of strength training or moderately intense activity will increase your blood flow. Be aware of how your body feels and call your doctor if you feel uncomfortable in any way!

Life insurance underwriting with some carriers will give you rating credits which will help you with the application process and getting a better rate!

Life Insurance after Heart Stents

You are not alone.

For those who have recently experienced a stent operation and/or angioplasty, then you aren’t alone. Nearly 590,000 people have a stent operation done annually in America.

That is a huge number, and life insurance carriers understand that. This represents a substantial part of the population that lots of life insurance carriers would consider a risk.

Life insurance with medical conditions makes getting the best rates difficult.  Usually a standard to substandard rates when shopping for life insurance coronary bypass rates.

Almost never preferred rates, with some exceptions.  When it comes to life insurance bad health history is taken into consideration.  

Be honest with your life insurance agent so they can advise you accordingly.

Whether you’re searching for term life insurance or permanent life insurance, then there are always a couple of questions that may determine your eligibility.

These are considered rate class which ultimately determines the price.

Coronary Heart Disease Stents And Life Insurance

Life insurance carriers determine rates and eligibility depending upon their very own underwriting guidelines.

Remember, all carriers will look at you differently.

Above all, it is very important to make sure you’re doing business with an agent that knows which carriers are lenient. Upon application of a stent,  it might mean more stringent underwriting and also substandard rate class.

But when surgery has been completed for at least 6 months, then you might qualify for exactly the exact same rate as individuals without any stents, again this is very slim.

In most cases having a stent placed in an artery, means the best rate is a standard rate

Over the first 6 weeks, you might be eligible for a table rated or substandard rate. So it’s almost always best to wait patiently.

Connection Between Heart Disease And Diabetes

Why Is Cardiovascular Illness common in Individuals with Diabetes?

Diabetes on its own has become regarded as the most powerful risk factor for cardiovascular problems.

Nevertheless, a variety of mechanisms, maybe not only bloodstream glucose levels, most likely enter into play.

The bloodstream in patients with diabetes are more susceptible to additional well-established risk factors, such as smoking, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and much more than 90 percent of patients with diabetes possess one or more of these additional risk factors

A few of the higher susceptibility to blood vessel damage in which individuals who have diabetes have could possibly be a result of the long-term after-effects of inadequate control of blood glucose levels on the cells or as a result of additional cell damage related to diabetes.

Research on the use of further risk factors has been conducted.

Evidence demonstrates that patients with diabetes have a heightened degree of adrenal inflammation of the arterial lining, a procedure that initiates the blood vessel changes leading to cardiovascular problems.

One of these new tests to check that inflammation has been evaluated, for example, C-reactive protein.

There is also a link between diabetes and Atrial Fibrillation (AFIB).

Can You Get Life Insurance After Heart Attack?

Yes, you can, this is not an impossible task. You may be rated differently depending on your conditions. Some questions the underwriters and insurance companies will need to know are:

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Other medical issues?
  • Has your condition worsened?
  • How often you see your physician?
  • What medications/treatments are you currently on?

Be very candid with your independent agent.  They will guide you through this process and know which carriers best put you at the best rates to fit your budget. 

Heart Disease Survivor Life Insurance

What If I Still Get Declined – What To Do If You Can’t Get Life Insurance?

For instance, the earlier you are diagnosed or have symptoms of heart disease, the more it will affect life insurance rates by age.

These policies do not require a medical exam. Therefore, your health conditions are not held against you when you apply. Instead, guaranteed acceptance, as the name suggests.

However, because these companies are taking a greater risk, these plans are, of course, more expensive. In most cases, a burial life insurance policy may be another option.

Another caveat is that most guaranteed issue policies have a graded benefit. In fact, this means that a lesser death benefits the initial two years. If you pass away within the first two years of the policy, paid premiums plus 10% go to the beneficiary.

Also, getting more out of it then you put into it is better than nothing at all. Banner Life has the best rates and most lenient underwriting when it comes to heart disease.

Other life insurance companies to consider, Protective Life, Foresters, Prudential.

Can I get Life Insurance With Heart Disease?

The more stents, heart attack red flags, the higher the rate could be

How many stents have you got?

With no more than a single stent, you might still be eligible for a standard risk with some carriers. When you’ve had multiple stents, then you might still be eligible for a policy.

However, it is going to mean increased rating class and table rates resulting in higher rates.

Again, more than 1 stent usually contributes to fairly high prices.

Nevertheless, coverage can be reasonably priced depending on age. But if you need life insurance, it is better than a decline.

Prior to going in for an angioplasty, the cardiologist is very likely to see an extra narrowing of one other coronary artery. If it resembles your own plaque is progressing, then you might need more stents in the future.

This will concern the life insurance carrier because mortality increases drastically for those going through a surgery. This can result in a postpone your life insurance policy coverage or negatively influence your own rates.

Various vessels may change that which you cover life insurance plans. Angioplasty at the circumflex artery is much less in relation to the stent from the “widowmaker” or left anterior descending artery (LAD)

Recap On What Can Cause Heart Disease

Having high blood pressure is a major factor for heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and many other problems.

Also, getting life insurance with sleep apnea disorder, in some cases is a correlation to heart disease.

Nonetheless, when looking for life insurance rates with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, It’s best using an independent agent.

In addition, having unmanaged diabetes can also have an adverse effect on heart disease.

Living Healthy With Heart Disease

Heart Disease And Living Well

Whether you’re attempting to manage cardiovascular problems or have undergone a heart attack, then you are understandably worried about your wellbeing.

The fantastic thing is that by embracing a healthier lifestyle. Including a more balanced eating plan and routine exercise for superior weight control — and putting together a gameplan with your physician.

Also, restrain elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose sugar levels to boost your heart health.

Life Insurance Agent Specializing In Heart Disease

**Hire An Independent Agent When Having Heart Disease Or Heart-Related Issues

You may want to consider hiring an independent insurance agent to help you on your quest of finding affordable life insurance coverage.

Especially, life insurance for someone with poor health such as heart disease. An insurance agent will know how to connect you with the best companies.

 Furthermore, an independent agent will have an idea about which companies tend to have the most lenient medical underwriting for those with heart disease.

Hiring an independent agent is a good investment since they have experience with life insurance for sick people.  Plus, they can help explain the differences between the different types of life insurance.

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1. Can I get life insurance if I have heart disease?

Yes, you can obtain life insurance with a heart condition, although the terms and premiums may vary depending on your specific health situation.

2. How does heart disease affect life insurance rates?

Heart disease can lead to higher premiums as it is considered a higher risk. The severity of the condition and overall health play a significant role in determining rates.

3. What information do I need to provide about my heart condition?

Insurers typically require details about your diagnosis, treatment, medications, and any follow-up care or hospitalizations related to your heart disease.

4. Are there specific types of life insurance policies for people with heart disease?

While there are no exclusive policies for heart disease, options like guaranteed issue life insurance or graded benefit policies might be more accessible.

5. Will I need to undergo a medical exam?

It depends on the policy. Some policies require a medical exam, while others offer no-exam options but might come with higher premiums.

6. How can I improve my chances of getting better rates?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, following medical advice, and controlling related health conditions can help improve your rates.

7. What happens if my heart condition worsens after I get a policy?

Once your policy is in place, changes in your health condition typically do not affect your existing coverage or premium.

8. Can I increase my coverage amount if my health improves?

It’s possible to apply for increased coverage, but this often requires a new underwriting process.

9. What should I consider when choosing a policy?

Consider factors like coverage amount, type of policy, premium costs, and the insurer’s reputation for handling claims related to heart disease.

10. How can I get more information specific to my situation?

Contacting a knowledgeable insurance advisor who understands the complexities of life insurance with heart disease is recommended for personalized advice.


This is because heart disease can be a fatal illness or one that causes many complications. It’s natural for someone who has been diagnosed with the condition to wonder how it will affect their life and what they should do about protecting themselves from future health risks. So, if you’re living with heart disease, don’t wait–get your quote today!

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