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Above all, PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists mission is to make sure we provide our clients with the best options available to facilitate the proper protection for family and loved ones.  The founder has over 25 years experience in the financial/insurance industry, as a father, husband, and son, he knows tomorrow is not guaranteed. Again, the main focus is to provide education combined with the best options and let YOU decide what is the best fit for your loved ones after you are no longer here. In fact, its imperative what you have envisioned for them financially is kept intact even in your absence.

Unfortunately, death just happens unplanned. Provided that, making sure your family is protected with a pennies on the dollar solution allows you the peace of mind. In other words, knowing that if that day ever comes, although your family will miss you, they will know how much you love them because you made sure they were financially looked after when you are no longer here.

In particular, that is what life insurance is all about. That last way to say I LOVE YOU!!

All in all, we believe in keeping things very simple, its life insurance, shouldn’t it be?

We specialize in all life insurance especially in these areas:

Reach out to us, after spending 10 minutes with us, you will know the reason why!!

Best Price, Best Carrier, GUARANTEED!!!

The Passion and Commitment of National Independent Agent Daniel Ray


PinnacleQuote Founder Daniel Ray

Hi, my name is Daniel Ray, owner of PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists. Above all, I want to shed some light on the business principals and commitment to the relationship I have with our clients. In the past, I have worked at the largest life insurance agency in the country. In fact, I am sure you have seen there ads on TV about shopping and saving. Furthermore, the one thing that I learned from that experience is exactly what not to do. Ultimately, the relationship I have with my clients is a lot more than a few letters on a screen and a disembodied voice over the phone. Unfortunately, at these large agencies, that’s exactly what the client is, just letters on the screen. Also, the client should come first, however, I have seen the client become a distant third, behind the insurance company and the agency. That’s just not the way it should be, and I am committed to always put the client first!!

Putting The Client First!! ALWAYS!!

First, well the client comes first, PERIOD! From the initial call to the application, then from the underwriting, approval, and finally the policy in your hands, I will hold you by the hand from start to finish. My main focus is to make sure you buy right at the lowest possible price, with the highest rated carrier. But also assist you through the application and underwriting process. I make it very simple, and very easy. Eighty percent of our reviews say the same thing, Danny Ray just made it so easy.  Danny was informative, Mr. Ray always takes the time to explain in detail and make you feel comfortable.

I am made available, 9-9, Monday through Friday, also on call until midnight EST. Can you reach your life insurance agent at 11:00pm on a Friday night? How about 8:00pm on a Saturday/Sunday night? You can reach me!! I understand how important it is to make sure you have the proper protection for your family and sometimes the simplest of questions need to be answered.

Health Impairments/Lifestyle Risks We Specialize In

For example, these are some of the topics we specialize it:

Life Insurance For All Ages

The PinnacleQuote Difference

Above all, the most important commodities when in search of the best life insurance policy to protect your family is,

These two most important commodities when searching for life insurance comes down to one thing, The Agent you are using!!

What Kind Of Agent Are You Using

For example, there are 3 basic life insurance agents. 

  1. Captive Agent– Usually only offers 1 companies products, licensed in 1 state, typically your local storefront agent. Very limited on the products they offer, and always proprietary. Chances of receiving the best rate, the best product to protect your family, 2-5%!!
  2. Independent Agent– This agent will offer you multiple carriers, usually up to 5. Also licensed possibly in 2-3 states. Chances of receiving the best rate, the best product to protect your family, 50%!!
  3. NATIONAL INDEPENDENT AGENT  This is the Pinnaclequote agent, contracted with dozens of carriers with relationships with over 50 of the top carriers in the industry. All rated A/A+. Moreover, licensed in 49 states, which guarantees the BEST RATE & BEST CARRIER!! Chances of receiving the best rate, the best product to protect your family, 100%!!

Here at Pinnaclequote Life Insurance Specialists, we not only specialize in getting the best rates, but we also provide the best options for almost any health impairment!! With 25 years experience and relationships with over 50 A/A+ life insurance companies, we will tailor make you a life insurance policy for your family. 

Above all, we only work with the top life insurance carriers.

Give us a call, 855-380-3300, or email me at

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    It was a pleasure assisting you and assuring the best policy to protect your family. I am your agent for life and if you ever need anything I am just a phone call away!!

    Pinnacle Quote Life Insurance Specialists
  • Long term life insurance with Daniel Ray

    I have never experienced such excellent customer service! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Thank you so much for always reaching out and making sure I understand everything about my policy! You are amazing!

    Deborah Taitano
  • Life Insurance is so very …

    Life Insurance is so very important…but what matters more is the company that stands behind the policy! Pinnacle stands behind their insurance! They are there now and when they are needed! Danny Ray….thank you!

    Eric Martin Koppelman
  • Hes like a friend he makes it clear so …

    hes like a friend he makes it clear so you understand well spoken

    Susan Muhlhausen-Hamm
  • Honest ,very informative

    Honest ,very informative , thorough, they take the time to find and discuss the right plan for you and your family very affordable and they go above and beyond to meet your needs I highly recommend them

    Anthony Carusillo
  • Danny is very knowledgeable and honest

    Danny is very knowledgeable and honest. Danny was a pleasure to work with. I recommend all my family and friends to him.

    Amelia Amodeo
  • Awesome company!!

    Awesome company!!

  • You couldn’t ask for a more …

    You couldn’t ask for a more knowledgable and trust worthy individual and company to handle you Life Insurance needs. Highly Recommended!

    L Mark DeDio
  • Mr.ray was extremely helpful in making …

    Mr.ray was extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable in an industry that sometimes might not make you feel as such,he broke everything down for me,and made me 100%sure in my policy and that if God forbid something happened to me,my loved ones would be taken care of,hes very professional,and I can tell he actually cares and it’s not just a job to him,he really wants to help ray is aces if your looking for life insurance,you would be silly to go anywhere else.

    John Edgar
  • I was skeptical at first, but…

    I was skeptical at first, but the results spoke for themselves. The knowledge and compassion that they had for me and the process they were taking me through made the experience first class! I am thankful for the time they took to make sure I was a able to get the right solution for me and my family. Our future has been made more secure, thanks to Pinnacle Quote!

    Kenny Moody
  • i would recommend Pinnacle

    i would recommend Pinnacle to everyone,because they are truly right up front with you and get you the the life insurance that is right for you in every way.

    Gary Brown
  • Setting the bar high

    I’ve been shopping around for life insurance for a while now and they are all comparable. Dan set the bar with his professionalism and sincerity for me and my family. He set himself apart from the rest of the companies and for that I highly recommend dan.

    Kipp henkin sr
  • Really knowledgeable about life …

    Really knowledgeable about life Insurance, and he saved me a lot of money

    Jared Jarvis
  • Great company! Give them a chance….

    Keeps in touch constantly and answers your questions quickly. Good guy and good company!