Life Insurance Rates By Age

Written by Danny Ray

How Do Life Insurance Rates Vary By Age?

Anyone that wants to continue to care for their family after they’re gone should get life insurance. It’s never too early — you never know what may happen to you tomorrow. Without life insurance, family members will be left to pay debts, mortgages, final expenses, which can put a financial burden without financial security.Many people wonder which age they should get life insurance. It’s never too early or too late to get life insurance. You’ll need to choose between a term life insurance policy or a permanent life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Rates By Age

How Do Life Insurance Rates Vary By Age?

A term life policy is the most basic kind of policy you can get. It will merely provide death benefits. Coverage is temporary: choose from coverage terms of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. A term life policy is your best chance at getting cheap life insurance, regardless of age.

A permanent life policy will have more options and flexibility than a term life policy and will cover you for your entire life. Permanent life policies have cash value build up investment opportunities as well. Of course, if you are having trouble getting accepted, you can always go with a guaranteed acceptance life insurance plan.

What Do I Need To Know About Life Insurance Rates?

There are a few essential questions you need to answer before you start applying for life insurance. Check out the list below for a few helpful tips:

  • How much life insurance do I need to get? — There are so many things to factor in. You’ll likely want enough to cover any of your debts or mortgages, final expenses (which usually cost around $10,000), etc. However, on top of this, you may be interested in funding things like your children’s college education. You may want to replace any income you were receiving, whether it be a salary or retirement income, to ensure your family remains financially secure.
  • What’s my budget? — Go into this knowing how much you actually CAN afford, so you’ll know which policies to stay away from, or which policies are reasonable options.
  • Compare life insurance companies! — Each life insurance company has different underwritings, meaning their assessment of risk will often vary. To find the best rates and coverage, you’ll want to compare quotes from all of the top life insurance companies.
  • Get healthier! — The better your general health before you apply, the lower rates you will receive. So, before applying, exercise, eat healthy, etc. You’ll also want to quit any bad habits. Cigarette smokers can expect to pay 2 to 3 times more on their life insurance than non-smokers.

Now, Lets Get To Life Insurance Rates And Age

Unsurprisingly, the older you are when you get life insurance, the more expensive it will be. However, life insurance companies have different rates per age, another reason to compare several companies. Make sure you’re only working with reliable companies, like Banner Life Insurance.

So, don’t wait. The longer you wait, the more expensive your life insurance will be, and the longer that your family is at risk. Let’s take a look at life insurance for different age groups below:

  • For Those In Their 20s — In your 20s, anyone can expect very cheap term life options and very high acceptance rates. Most of all, don’t wait until you are older to buy life insurance. Consequently, you may end up with health issues and need to go with a costly rated policy or a no medical exam life insuranceLearn more about term life insurance in your 20s and check prices with an independent agent like PinnacleQuote. 
  • For Those In Their 30s — Since you may be more financially stable than you were in your 20s, you can likely afford longer coverage. For many in their 30s, mortgages need to be paid, and children are still financially dependent, making life insurance an important purchase. Learn more about term life insurance in your 30s.
  • For Those In Their 40s — Once the 40s hit, most people have a lot of assets that they need to maintain. Also, the 50s are closing in, which is where life insurance starts to increase in price. Health issues, such as diabetes, are more likely. Best to buy now. Learn more about term life insurance in your 40s.


Life Insurance For Seniors 50-75 Years Of Age

  • For Those In Their 50s — At this age, children may be out of the house and providing for themselves. Perhaps your home is paid for as well. You may want to look into business life insurance. Rates are more expensive at this age but significantly cheaper than for those in their 60s. Learn more about term life in your 50s.
  • For Those In Their 60s — Once you hit your 60s, you’re taking a gamble by not having life insurance. Without life insurance, your family will need to pay for any of your debts, or at least your final burial expenses. That’s the last thing you want. If you’re below the age of 65, affordable plans are still available. Either way, it’s time to get a term life policy. Learn more about life insurance for those over the age of 60.
  • For Seniors — With modern medicine, people are living so much longer. Now, even seniors need to renew their life insurance. Insurance companies are beginning to understand this, and it is becoming more and more possible to get affordable life insurance as a senior.


Life Insurance By Age


Where can I get the Best Quote for Life Insurance?

First, PinnacleQuote is here to help. Second, Speak with one of our agents, and they’ll be able to answer any and all of your questions. Third, We can help set you up with the best life insurance companies and find the most reasonably-priced policies for you. Finally, Working with us will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money.

PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists, National Independent Agent

Above all, you want to make sure when shopping for life insurance that you want to go with an independent agent over a captive agent. Pinnaclequote is a licensed national independent life insurance agent in 49 states. At the same time, has relationships with dozens of carriers. In any event, if you’re looking for a simple process, then let PinnacleQuote hold you by the hand. Therefore, we will provide you with the best life insurance rates in the industry, that’s made possible by the relationships we have accumulated over the years. Ultimately, with 25 years experience in the Investment/Life insurance industries, PinnacleQuote will provide you the best service to protect your family.

More Important, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at PinnacleQuote (855)380-3300.
Danny Ray & Lisamarie Monaco Contributed To This Article
Danny Ray & Lisamarie Monaco Contributed To This Article

Here at PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists we always put the CLIENT FIRST!! We are not in the business of selling life insurance, but to educate, and provide the best options for you and your family. This way you can make the best choice to properly protect your family. We have over 300 life products available to tailor make a policy for any one of our client’s needs!

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