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Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is still illegal in many states and countries.

However, the legalization of marijuana has been gaining momentum as more people use it for medical purposes. The FDA even approves some medications derived from this drug to treat certain diseases like cancer or AIDS. So what does this mean for life insurance rates?

Life insurance rates are lower if you don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol excessively – but pot is another story altogether. If you want to know how much your life insurance will cost based on your marijuana smoking habits, check out what we’ve found below!

How Will Marijuana Use Affect Life Insurance Rates

What You Need To Know…

By many, still considered a recreational drug. 

Will marijuana affect life insurance?

Can you get life insurance for pot smokers?

As society continues to become more lenient towards marijuana users, the carriers are beginning to follow. It’s not very difficult to get coverage if you are a current marijuana user. However, finding an affordable life insurance plan is another story.

Marijuana users, in most cases, are rated like tobacco users, with the exception of a few. Often times, marijuana users are considered high risk applicants by companies.

However, there are several things you can do that will help you receive affordable life insurance as a marijuana user, which we will go over more below.

Do Life Insurance Companies Test for Marijuana

Does life insurance test for Marijuana?

Worried about how to Pass the Life Insurance Drug Test?

Don’t be…

Above all, just be honest during the application and exam. They will test for marijuana, cocaine and prescription medications. For those that have prescription marijuana, your rates will not go up because of your marijuana usage, rather you will be rated for the underlying medical condition.

However, those that smoke and use marijuana recreationally can be a red flag to most life companies. The most frequent question asked of me by my clients, do life insurance companies test for drugs.

The answer is yes!! A fully underwritten life policy will require a professional examiner to perform a paramedical test. This test consists of height, weight, blood pressure and a small blood and urine sample. This test is paid for by the carrier.

Hiring an independent agent will really help you find affordable life insurance as a marijuana user. This is because, as an expert, an agent will know which companies have the most lenient underwriting towards marijuana users.

In fact, a good independent agent can potentially find you a company that charges you a standard rate for life insurance.



When it comes to marijuana and a life insurance drug test,  while it’s possible for a marijuana user to find a company that offers them a standard rate, know that most companies will categorize marijuana smokers and tobacco smokers together.

Which, as most modern research suggests, is unfair to marijuana smokers because the rate is significantly higher!

Therefore, shopping around for companies is crucial when purchasing a policy. This way, you’ll be able to find a company that doesn’t see your marijuana habit as a high risk.

There are several excellent companies out there to choose from. Take a look at some of the best options below, these are the carriers we use for marijuana users to secure a non-tobacco rate. 

Here are our top 6 Marijuana Carriers

CarrierUsage FrequencyRisk ClassTHC on Insurance Labs
AIG2 times/Year
2 Times/Month
Preferred Plus
Standard NT
No Preferred Rates Available
John HancockOccasional UseStandard-Preferred with negative THCYES
Lincoln Financial1 time per month
1-2 per week
3-4 per week
4-6 per week

Preferred Plus NT

Preferred NT
Standard TO Table B
Table B To Table D

Mutual Of Omaha3 times or less per month

Standard NT

YES, must be consistent with admitted use

PrudentialMedical Marijuana
Up to 2 times a month
Up to 4 times a week
Over 4 times a week

Preferred Plus NS

Non-Smoker Plus

Table B NS



Principal7 times a month
8-12 times a month
13 of more times a month

Standard NT (Edible Only)
Table B NT (Edible Only)



Above all, it’s important to understand, by speaking with an experienced independent agent, they will have the knowledge for which companies would consider you a non-smoker.

In general, whether the use is medical marijuana or recreational, your agent will know which companies to shop you to that will consider you a non-smoker. 

Marijuana and Life Insurance rates
Life Insurance and Marijuana Use

Life insurance rates for smokers are easily 3x higher than for non-smokers.  So give your agent an opportunity to know your entire medical history, do not leave any information out.

Also just be honest, these carriers always have a way of finding out the truth! They have multiple types of nicotine tests and THC tests that tell them the whole story!

AIG Life Insurance Drug Test

Does AIG drug test? YES!

Will marijuana in a blood test life insurance exam show up? Yes, it will!!

Above all, in a life insurance exam drug test the insurance company will want to know what kind of lifestyle activities you subject yourself to. In addition, do they test for drugs for life insurance other than marijuana? The answer is yes.

Do life insurance companies test for THC? Yes, as its the main ingredient in marijuana.

Here is the list of illegal drugs that the life insurance carrier will test for as part of the application process.

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

Expanded Opiates

  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Morphine
  • Hydromorphone
  • Oxycodone
  • Oxymorphone
  • Fentalyn

In addition, Lincoln Financial drug test is very similar. LFG life insurance drug test for weed and all the above.

It’s important to know that when you apply for life insurance they will do a background check in addition to a paramedical exam which consists of a blood test for life insurance pot use.

Can You Get Life Insurance If You Smoke Weed


Many clients ask this question, can I get life insurance if I Smoke Weed?

Or does life insurance test for drugs?

Before applying, preparation is best for the questions they are going to ask you. Companies will want to know all about your marijuana use. It’s essential, to be honest, and thorough with your answers. Answers that aren’t truthful may make life insurance companies more hesitant about covering you. Below, we’ll list some questions to assist you when applying.

  • How often do you smoke marijuana?
  • Do you ever drive while under the influence of marijuana use?
  • Do you have a medical prescription for marijuana use?
  • When did you start smoking marijuana?

Generally speaking, a Preferred Smoker rating is the best possible rating for those that smoke marijuana on a couple of times a month.

Although you’ll still pay more than nonsmokers, Preferred Smoker life insurance policies are going to be much cheaper than standard smoker life insurance policies.

The more THC in a blood test for a life policy, the more money you will be paying. Also, a urinalysis test for life insurance can show traces of THC. 

In most cases, the extent of recreational marijuana use will determine the health class. However, the recreational user can achieve a good rate but will also determine the long term use and how often.

Some of the best carriers for recreational use is

  • Minnesota Life
  • American General
  • Lincoln National
  • Prudential

Again, the ratings depending on how many times a month. 

Medical Marijuana and Life Insurance

Benefits and Symptoms

In recent years, the use of marijuana for medical purposes has risen. It almost seems daily there is another health impairment and its symptoms are being treated with medical marijuana.

Remember, those with medical marijuana card and life insurance will only be rated on the underlying condition. 

In the past, your primary care physician and/or specialists probably didn’t utilize medical marijuana use as the first approach for treatment.

In fact, they would attempt different prescriptions first and medical marijuana would be used as a last resort. That has changed. A medical professional may prescribe it as an extra treatment on the off chance that you live in a state where it’s lawful.

More and more are becoming normal, so ask your specialist,  how can marijuana help the treatment.  Whether recreational or medically speaking, it is always advisable to speak with your specialist.

Research is still early. However, a few investigations indicate it can treat MS side effects like:

  • Firmness or uncontrolled muscle developments – Medicinal pot may help quiet your fits and let you move your arms and legs all the more unreservedly.
  • Overactive bladder – Does MS influence you to feel like you have to go the lavatory a ton? The medication can facilitate the fits that reason your successive desire to pee.
  • Nerve torment – It could influence you to hurt less, which can enable you to rest better, as well. Some patients have said that marijuana takes the edge off. In some cases, it’s a better alternative than aspirin.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Such As:


What Are the Risks…

Weed has some symptoms and long-haul dangers some doctors have claimed. They’re the same whether you utilize it for entertainment only or as medication.

In the short run, you may have:

  • Expanded heart rate
  • Moderated response time
  • Coordination and adjust issues
  • Dazed
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Trouble doing complex thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings



Life Insurance, Weed, Law ~ what you need to know…

Many people are hesitant to admit that they smoke marijuana because they fear legal issues.  

However, do to a nationwide drug testing policy, all medical information protects the client. Thanks to HIPAA laws, this is considered medical information and therefore must be kept private by nurses, the carrier, and independent agents.

Therefore, it is a nationwide insurance drug testing policy and for all medical information to be protected. This is then uploaded into the MIB otherwise known as the medical information bureau. 

marijuana and life insurance Ratings And Legalization

Legalizing marijuana?

When all done, insurance agencies are entirely traditionalist. You would be, as well, if your whole business rotated around surveying the dangers of everything around you.

In fact, this has turned out to be disputable with one noteworthy kind of protection: medical coverage. 

In spite of restorative marijuana authorization in half of U.S. states, most health care coverage organizations don’t cover restorative weed solutions.

On account of medical coverage, their alert is justifiable. In fact, whatever point state laws struggle with elected laws, it’s smarter to be on the government’s side. Another enormous obstacle?

Since the central government still arranges marijuana on an indistinguishable level. They need separation from heroin, meth, and other savage addictive medications.  It’s relatively difficult to utilize cannabis in medicinal examinations.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about life carriers?

Life underwriters job is to investigate a potential client’s life. Also, they would say they are a decent driver, do they partake in any hazardous activities like scuba diving, do they take long missionary trips with no hospital for hundreds of miles, etc?

  • How does weed fit in?
  • Will they, by and large, reject weed smokers since it’s an illicit medication?

Or on the other hand, would they say they are more dynamic about recreational utilization of a generally safe medication?

To get some clarity, we had many conversations with medical directors to discover how life insurance carriers see weed clients.



In general, underwriting guidelines are different for many carriers for life insurance for marijuana smokers. In fact, there are only six carriers that we look at when comparing quotes for marijuana users.

For example, one carrier for occasional use will give you a preferred rate when another will decline you for more than 13 times a month. Again, how a carrier will rate you additionally depending upon the frequency of use. 

What is considered a heavy marijuana user?

Again, if usage is for medical purposes only then there is no limitation on use. However, if you use marijuana more than 15 times a month recreationally, there will be a challenge getting covered.

Furthermore, the consumer will have an awful time of getting a decent rate than somebody who just smokes once per week or once per month. 

Is Marijuana Considered Tobacco

That is a great question! In general, carriers will rate you as a tobacco user if you use marijuana. In fact, you will be paying 3-4 times more for tobacco rates.

When a life insurance drug test, nicotine will be present as well if you are smoking tobacco. However, is there cotinine in weed? NO! Cotinine is what the body discreets when nicotine is present in the bloodstream.

If you are chewing tobacco then Prudential is a great carrier to use. However, does Prudential drug test? The answer is yes!

It is imperative to work with an independent agent like me to have the capabilities to shop you to multiple carriers. As I stated above, we work with 6 carriers for our marijuana clients. 

As indicated by underwriter Mike Woods, most carriers put recreational pot use on an indistinguishable level from cigarette smoking.

“Cannabis contains cancer-causing agents and proof proposes that overwhelming cannabis utilize might be related with an oral hole, pharynx, esophageal and lung growths,” Woods said.

Again, most carriers are just behind the times and it may take a few years to catch up.

Some may suggest that marijuana utilization is considerably less unsafe than tobacco.

With that said, that makes it extremely hard for scientists to judge exactly how dangerous weed is. Until the point when researchers can appear in actuality that weed smoking is more advantageous than tobacco smoking, this outlook will remain the same.

How To Pass a Life Insurance Test for Tobacco or Marijuana

Is there cotinine in marijuana?

Above all, trying to pass a life insurance test when you are actually a smoker can be done. However, the pain and suffering you can cause your family at the worst possible time when death occurs can be avoided.

Don’t give the life insurance company a reason to contest a policy. These are billion-dollar corporations, they have ways of finding out. The same goes for marijuana use. It’s always best, to be honest, and admit use.

The Difference?

The major difference than tobacco smoking, with weed, the less you smoke, the better your rating class will be, and the lower your premiums will be.

My marijuana customers had possessed the capacity to get appraised as a non-smoker – like how life coverage organizations treat “celebratory stogie” smokers. 

But again, having marijuana in blood test life insurance exam, its always better to admit usage.

Does Life Insurance Test For Weed


Above all, when you are getting coverage, in most cases if its a term you will have to take an exam. In fact, the urine test will see if you test positive for nicotine or cotinine.

Furthermore, if you test positive you will be paying higher premiums. For instance, if a consumer is applying fora policy then they are going to want to stop smoking!

Again, you want to make sure that family members receive the full death benefit upon your death. In some cases, and depending on the carrier, they can ask you to take further tests if they think you are not being honest.

So life insurance applicants may be subject to a saliva test and/or a hair test. These will assist the carrier by detecting nicotine or any other substance.

In general, carriers test for nicotine so if you lied on your application then the carrier may just decline you outright. So it’s always better, to tell the truth even if you tested positive. So knowing that they have a more thorough way of testing to detecting nicotine, just be honest.

The other alternative is to just pay more money by applying for coverage without a life insurance medical exam.



Will Insurance cover medical marijuana?  This is a question many clients ask.  Toby Bloom, President of Integrity Insurance, said that most back up plans would consider therapeutic weed clients “upon restorative records survey.” Even if a medicinal weed client is endorsed, there is a possibility they will have a rating as a smoker, Bloom said.

Marijuana Use On The Underlying Condition treatment, What’s The Rating Class?

Marijuana and life insurance
Medical Marijuana and Life Insurance

Medicinal weed is expected to help treat “crippling indications,” Woods composes. “Be that as it may, seriousness is subjective and open to translation.”

Restorative marijuana is a twofold edged sword: if a condition isn’t viewed as genuine by the underwriter, you’ll be dealt with like a recreational client and higher rating with excessive use a possible decline.

With that said, the condition regarded as honest, it’s likewise prone to be uninsurable (AIDs, disease and severe joint inflammation are a few illustrations).

Regardless of whether the genuine condition is insurable, the cost of the coverage will, in any case, be high.

Once more, sit tight for the administration to extricate its principles on therapeutic testing of cannabis. Later on, marijuana may be a typical remedy for everything from minor yearns to terminal malignancy.

Life Insurance Test Marijuana

If you Smoke Weed, Whatever you do, Always Tell The Truth On Your Application!!

This goes for marijuana users and non-marijuana clients alike. The worst thing to do is lie on an application! In fact, not only will the carrier find out and likely decline you, but you will be labeled and in the future, it could make it difficult in getting a policy.

I have had customers who were rejected for lying about their pot use. Furthermore, if you do get away with lying if you die the company can contest the policy.


Again, even if you live in a state where cannabis is not legal, still tell the truth. At the end of the day, underwriters are not undercover law enforcement.

Remember, it’s in the best interest of the life insurance company to charge you as much money as possible.

Again….  BE HONEST!!!!

If I am your agent, as the consumer you will be confident that not only will you get the best rate based on your honesty, but your death benefit will be guaranteed because of it!!

Life Insurance Blood Test THC


How will smoking weed affect me? underwriters, as a rule, expect customers to take a paramedical exam, which additionally implies a blood and urine test. Unless of course, you are applying for a no exam policy.

With regards to life insurance testing for THC, THC appears in a blood test for 3 and 14 days after cannabis use, contingent upon how often the client is consuming it.

Marijuana is noticeable in urine for up to a month, again depending on the amount of consumption. In fact, THC is stored in fat cells. If you want to speed up the metabolic rate then activities causing you to sweat will burn it off faster.

Remember, whether marijuana in blood and urine, it is difficult to hide. Always be honest with your insurance company.

Where can you buy medical marijuana?

As a medical marijuana patient, you can legally buy medical cannabis. As of December 2018 legalized medical marijuana is in 10 states for adults and 33 states for medical use. Any medical use requires an ID card.

The department of health offers a medical marijuana program. As of July 2014, Governor Cuomo of New York signed the Compassionate Care Act into law.

This program monitors the sale of medical marijuana. And sees that it is dispensed properly to protect our public health and safety. 

Medical marijuana helps with glaucoma, HIV, multiple sclerosis and the list goes on. State medical marijuana has become more and more the saving grace for many of our clients.

However, always consult with your primary care physician or an internal medicine doctor before starting any new drug or remedy. 

There are many dispensaries all across the U.S.  Here are just a few random places you can go to:

  • Columbia Care Dispensary in Riverhead, N.Y. 
  • Arrow Alternative Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Milford, C.T.
  • REN Health | Dr. Alex Bibikau, MD – Medical Marijuana Doctor also in Milford, C.T.
  • Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida, Summerfield, F.L.

What do the companies test for when buying life insurance?

There are many things that the carrier will test for during an exam. Besides tobacco and marijuana, they are also testing the following:

And oftentimes during your exam, they may see health conditions or impairments that you were not even aware you had. And depending on what shows, they may even request you see your physician for further consultations. 


Be completely honest with your Agent!!!

We know we just revealed to you precisely to what extent you have to refrain from smoking to escape with it on your medicinal exam. Yet once more, we need to pressure you, don’t deceive your insurance agency.

In the event that they discover you’ve deceived them and they decline your coverage. Moreover, rejection won’t happen from that organization, it will be challenging getting coverage from other carriers. Rejection is possible for most of them.

Ask your agent to guide you in finding the best marijuana-friendly companies.

On the off chance the carrier found out you deceived them, they will report you to the Medical Information Bureau, or MIB. Think about the MIB sort of like your credit report.

Overall, you can’t simply default on a charge card and after that go and agree to accept another Visa without getting dinged for it. Same goes for protection: you can’t distort yourself at one insurance agency and expect that alternate organizations won’t get some answers concerning it.




If you use marijuana and you’re looking for cheap term life insurance, there are several things you can do to improve your rates.

Of course, many of these include things that ANYONE can do to lower their rates, such as improving overall health with a healthy diet and regular exercise, losing weight, quitting tobacco products, etc.

However, as we touched on earlier, comparing life insurance quotes is the most important thing you can do as a marijuana smoker to find the most affordable life insurance prices. For those that fall into the high-risk category, comparing companies is a must.

Marijuana, in particular, has many different opinions. On a federal level, with so many brand new laws intact, some companies may be far more lenient towards marijuana smokers, while other buying life insurance,  companies may still categorize them with cigarette smokers.

Hiring an independent agent can help you effectively shop around, and answer any of your questions.

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For more information on medical marijuana CLICK HERE.

Department of Health information CLICK HERE.


You should always be on the lookout for affordable life insurance rates, even if you’re a marijuana user. With so many carriers now offering coverage to those who use cannabis recreationally or medicinally, we can help you find an affordable plan that will match your lifestyle needs and budget. Don’t worry about privacy-we promise not to tell anyone! Just get in touch with us today by filling out our online form and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re here for all your life insurance needs!