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Hot To Buy Life Insurance With Mental Illness In 2024

If you are in search of life insurance with mental illness or its history, this article will explain your options.

Above all, we will discuss the ins and outs of life insurance with mental illness. This blog post will cover what to do when applying for a policy, how to go about finding one that suits your needs, and everything else in between!

We’ll also include some helpful tips on where to start if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety.

Can I Get Life Insurance If I Am Mentally Ill

Many people ask, can you get life insurance with mental Illness? Yes! In the first place, your mental illness will not be an issue for many carriers.

Just understand that mental disorders are pre-existing conditions and each carrier will look at you differently. With this in mind, they all have different guidelines.

Life Insurance For Those With Mental Illness

Life insurance carriers will want to know how well managed your mental illness is.

Underwriters will have several questions, such as:

  • What is the diagnosis?
  • When were you diagnosed?
  • What medications are you currently taking? Dosages? And for how long?
  • Do you see a primary care doctor or a psychologist?
  • Have you been hospitalized in a mental facility? If so, for how long? How many times? And when?
  • Suicide attempts? When? How many times?
  • Are you on disability? Or unable to work due to your mental health condition?
  • Are you a Veteran?

Life Insurance Quotes for Mental Health

What is the best life insurance policy for pre-existing conditions?

Well, that depends, the above underwriting questions will help the carrier determine which type of policy you will qualify for.

In fact, two types of life insurance policies are:

  1. Standard term or whole life insurance – release of your medical records, physical exam, prescription history, and your family history and personal history background will need to be provided.
  2. Guaranteed issue policiesthis type of policy is your last resort if you do not qualify for standard. In general, it depends on how severe your condition is. You will not have to take a physical exam. Also, there are no medical questions asked. You must be between 45-85 years of age. The death benefit is limited to $20,000 in coverage.  Above all, the main condition of this policy is that you pay your premiums.

Best Life Insurance Company For Those With Mental Illness

  • Prudential Life Insurance Company
  • AIG (American General) ~ Guaranteed Acceptance

What Are The 6 Most Common Mental Disorders

PTSD – anxiety disorder after you have been in a traumatic event or witnessed a traumatic event.
Eating Disorder – bulimia and anorexia.  In fact, foods are a way for you to deal with depression or anxiety.
Psychotic Disorder – hallucinations and delusions.  Affects your thinking and your speech. You may hear voices.
Anxiety Disorder – tense, scared or worried feeling.
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – obsessions are thoughts, worries or urges that continue to appear in your mind. Compulsions are the activity that you do to control the anxiety that is caused by your obsession.
Bipolar Disorder –  an extreme mixture of manic moments and depressing episodes.

Is My Mental Illness A Pre existing Condition

Can you get life insurance if you have a pre-existing condition? Another great question, can you get life insurance if you have mental health issues? Yes and yes!

Is ADHD A Mental Disorder For Life Insurance

Does ADHD affect life insurance rates?  Important to understand, underwriters will assess your ADHD. In other words, they will want to know if you are well managed.

For instance, underwriters will want to know if you are at risk for other medical conditions or lifestyle habits that will be a risk to the insurance carrier.

PostPartum Depression Life Insurance

Postpartum depression is a serious condition.

It is an illness after childbirth (typically within the first three months) that will make you feel sad and hopeless. In particular, some women have difficulty caring for themselves or their babies.

For one thing, some carriers will put you in the general depression category, although postpartum is usually temporary. With this in mind, it is a good idea to get life insurance at the beginning of your pregnancy.

Otherwise, you are at risk for increased rates.

Life Insurance Discrimination Mental Health

The Equality Act 2010 protects you from unfair treatment regarding your mental illness.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


Can people with mental illness get life insurance?
Yes, individuals with mental illnesses can obtain life insurance. However, the terms, coverage options, and premiums may vary depending on the type and severity of the illness.

How does mental illness impact life insurance premiums?
Insurers may consider certain mental illnesses as higher risk, potentially leading to higher premiums. Factors like the severity of the illness, treatment history, and overall mental health stability are considered.

What types of life insurance are available for individuals with mental illness?
Both term life insurance and whole life insurance are available. The best choice depends on individual needs, mental health status, and financial situation.

Is a medical exam required for life insurance if I have a mental illness?
Many policies require a medical exam, but no-exam policies are also available. However, these might have higher premiums.

What information about mental illness must be disclosed when applying for life insurance?
Applicants should disclose their diagnosis, treatment history, any hospitalizations, medication, and how the condition is managed.

Will the type of mental illness affect life insurance rates?
Yes, the specific type of mental illness can impact rates, as different disorders have varying implications on overall health and life expectancy.

How can individuals with mental illness improve their chances of getting better life insurance rates?
Maintaining a stable medical history, adhering to treatment plans, and having a solid overall health record can help in securing more favorable rates.

Are there specialized insurance providers for individuals with mental illness?
Some insurers specialize in high-risk policies or have more experience underwriting policies for individuals with mental health conditions.

What should be considered when choosing a policy for someone with mental illness?
Consider the coverage amount, policy term, premium costs, and how well the policy accommodates the individual’s health condition.

Does the payout of a life insurance policy get affected if the cause of death is related to mental illness?
Generally, the cause of death does not affect the payout unless the policy has a specific clause regarding mental health conditions or suicide.

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It’s true that life insurance isn’t the most exciting topic to think about. But when it comes down to it, your family and loved ones are worth a little inconvenience now for their safety later on in case something should happen.

You know yourself better than anyone else does, so you’re best equipped with understanding how much coverage is right for you. And hey, if this post wasn’t as boring as some other posts out there–you can thank me by getting a quote today!

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