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Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company 2024 Simple Guide

If you are in search of Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company, you came to the right place!

Do you have a lot of life insurance? Do you want more? Well, if so the Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company may be just what you’re looking for.

The company offers individual and group policies to protect your family’s financial future. This blog post will give information on how to get started. You can also find out about their rates and benefits which is always helpful when choosing an insurance plan!

About Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company

Is Fidelity life a good company? Yes, in fact they are one of the top best life insurance companies around! 

Life insurance is one of the noblest purchases you can make — it ensures that those you love are financially taken care of after you pass. It also prevents your family from inheriting any of your debts.

We always recommend shopping around before settling on an insurance company. This way, you can compare rates, and find the policy that best suits what you are looking for. 

Fidelity Life and Family

Besides, there are so many life insurance options available that it would be silly not to receive several quotes. The Banner Life Insurance Company is just one example of the reliable life insurance companies out there.

A Brief History of Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company

The company has been around for a while, beginning in the mid 1890’s. 

Originally, it was known as Mystic Workers of the World and began by offering cheap life insurance to blue collar workers in the northern states. Its HQ is in Illinois.

Fidelity Life Association gained a significant amount of policyholders within just a few years, with over $100 million worth of life insurance by the early 1900’s. 

Even when the great depression hit, Fidelity Life managed to continually grow their company.

Is Fidelity a stock insurance company?

About 10 years ago, Fidelity life expanded into a stock insurance company. They soon bought E-Financial and continued their growth. 

Today, Fidelity Life has over $25 billion in life insurance, and are still famous for their affordable life insurance for middle-class citizens.

They have proven to be unusually consistent through the years. The stability that they offer as a company is certainly appealing to anyone looking for life insurance. 

We always recommend researching rating agencies reviews on insurance companies before committing to one. As this information can be a good indication of how the company operates as a whole.

Fidelity life consistently receives high reviews and was given an A- by A.M. Best — the top insurance rating agency in the US.

Can I get term life insurance with Fidelity life?

  • Life Story Term Coverage — Choose to be covered from 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. The coverage maxes out at $1 million. For anyone between 18 and 65 years old.
  • What is Hybrid Life Insurance From Fidelity? — Extremely fast; you can be covered in just one or two days. You can choose to postpone or completely avoid the medical exam, but it will affect your rates.
  • Fidelity Life Rapid Decision Express — A level death benefit term life policy, available up to 95 years of age. Quick acceptance rates, since they have no medical examination requirement.
  • Rapid Decision Senior Life Term and Whole Life — Custom made coverage for those between 50 and 85 years of age. Choose from a Rapid Decision Guaranteed Issue policy, or a Rapid Decision Final Expense plan.

Can I get fidelity life insurance for seniors?

Is a 70 year old able to get life insurance? Yes, or even an 80 year old. Keep Reading!

Hands down, the best policy for our seniors is Rapid Decision like we discussed above. Face amount for ages 50-85 is $10,000 to $150,000. (depending on your age) 

The full death benefit will be paid out to your beneficiary for any cause of death after the third year. For more information on affordable life insurance for seniors, call us today (855) 380-3300 ext 2.

What is the difference between accident death policy and life insurance

Life insurance protects your family and pays the death benefit to the beneficiary in the event of your death. Any type of death.

With accidental insurance, the death benefit is paid out but only due to an accident. Not illness.

  • Accidental Death Benefit — This will raise the level of coverage you would receive as a result of an injury.
  • Work site and Sponsored Benefits — Cheap insurance policies for less than $5 a week! Includes a fixed premium that won’t change, even if health starts to decline. This can provide plans for employees as well as families. Coverage maxes out at $250,000. Age range includes people between 16 to 70 years old. These can include…
    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Dependent Child Benefit
    • Waiver of Premium and Accidental Death Benefit for Long Term Care

How much coverage does fidelity life offer 

For those younger than 45, you can receive up to $250,000. To point out, for a 55 year old, the max amount is $200,000. 

Fidelity No exam life insurance is available. However, you will be asked a few basic questions about your health.

What about graded benefit term and whole life policies 

Graded death benefit means your beneficiaries won’t receive the full death benefit in the event that you pass away within 3 years of starting the policy — they’ll only receive any premiums paid, with interest. 

Fidelity Life offers both term and whole life graded benefits.

Another key point, Fidelity Life is an excellent life insurance company for those not wanting to take a medical exam. 

As mentioned above, make sure you compare all of the best life insurance companies before making any decisions.

Fidelity Life Insurance company contact information 

What is Fidelity Life Corporate Address: Fidelity Life Association
8700 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 900S, Chicago, IL 60631


For policy questions or claims information: Fidelity Life phone number: (800) 369-3990


What Types of Life Insurance Does Fidelity Life Offer?

Fidelity Life offers term life insurance, whole life insurance, accidental death coverage, and a range of specialized life insurance products designed for different stages of life.

What Features Does Fidelity Life’s Whole Life Insurance Include?

Fidelity Life’s whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage with fixed premiums. It also includes a cash value component that accumulates over time and can be borrowed against.

Can You Customize Fidelity Life Insurance Policies?

Yes, Fidelity Life provides options for policy customization through various riders, such as accidental death benefit riders, child protection riders, and more.

What Makes Fidelity Life Unique in the Insurance Market?

Fidelity Life is recognized for its fast application process, often requiring no medical exam, and its focus on providing affordable coverage to a wide range of customers.

How Does Fidelity Life Handle Life Insurance for Seniors?

They offer specific products tailored for seniors, focusing on needs like final expense coverage and estate planning.

Is a Medical Exam Required for Fidelity Life Insurance?

Many of Fidelity Life’s policies offer simplified underwriting processes, which means a medical exam may not be required for certain coverage amounts and policy types.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Policy with Fidelity Life?

Evaluate your insurance needs, consider the policy terms and premiums, review the available riders, and assess how the policy fits into your overall financial strategy.

How Do You File a Claim with Fidelity Life Insurance?

Claims can be filed by contacting Fidelity Life’s customer service. The process typically involves submitting a claim form along with necessary documentation like a death certificate.

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Life insurance is tough. There are a lot of variables to consider and it’s not something you can just pick up off the shelf at your local grocer, but luckily Fidelity life insurance provides an easy way for people like us to find out if they’ll be covered by them or not. They’re one of the top best companies around when it comes to being affordable and trustworthy in our eyes! We hope you found this information helpful in finding the right company that will provide coverage for all stages of your life’s journey. Get a quote today from FIDELITY LIFE ASSOCIATION INSURANCE COMPANY so we can get started on understanding how much protection you need!

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