Danny and I both grew up on Long Island, NY.  Danny was raised by a single mom who worked 4 jobs. He most certainly gets his work ethic and grit from his Mom because he saw what his mom needed to do to get by and provide for him and his brother. In fact, this is the main reason Danny is a Life Insurance Agent today.

In the 1980’s Danny’s grandparents did not have life insurance policies. When his grandparents passed away, he watched his mom who worked those 4 jobs, scrape up the money to cover the funeral expenses.

Keep in mind, back then funerals were not what they cost today. With that being said,  as a single mom living on Long Island and working 4 jobs including working as an RN on the midnight shift, Danny watched his mom struggle immensely. He swore from a young age, he wanted to be part of the solution as he grew up and help whoever and as many people he could.

So you can see why this is so important to Danny and why he has a passion to make sure seniors save as much money as possible. Giving them the peace of mind to be able to protect their loved ones from financial burdens is priceless.

Furthermore, Danny’s motivation for deciding to become an Independent Life Insurance Agent/Owner was his clients. He wanted them to have experience and build relationships and help as many people as he can. He would never want to see other families going through what he and his family experienced in the ’80s.


Danny Ray truly is a  talented and seasoned life insurance agent. We are licensed in all 50 states. Danny is dedicated to helping consumers find the best solution for their families. Danny has been in this industry for over 28+ years.

In fact, he has helped many people purchase policies from age 0-90 with over 300 products available across three dozen A/A+ rated carriers that truly cannot be matched anywhere else. He makes certain that EVERYONE gets the most affordable coverage on the market.

Danny Ray, Founder

Danny was working for a well-known industry giant prior to the start of PinnacleQuote. He found himself frustrated that his clients were not being treated or taken care of the way he felt they should.

Sadly, in this industry, most companies and agents are a “one and done” type of thing. Whereas, we create a relationship and a bond for the life of that policy.  This is how it should always be!


We started PinnacleQuote Life Insurance Specialists in May of 2017 to provide consumers with the absolute best service. Again, our main goal, to always put our clients first!! This is a rarity for any business as you can probably imagine, but it’s what we strive towards every day on behalf of all those who entrust us to protect their loved ones from financial burdens.

I am his wife, Lisamarie and I am the Co-Owner and helped create our Niche’ site shortly after PinnacleQuote was created. caters to our Senior Market. I personally specialize in Final Expense for our Seniors, while Danny provides all aspects of Life Insurance.

We are proud to say that today, we offer:

  • Term Life Insurance,
  • Final Expense Insurance,
  • Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements,
  • Disabilty Policies
  • Critical Illness Policies/Cancer Policies/Heart Attack, and Stroke,
  • Children’s Policies, and more.

We are also one of the few agencies that can offer burial insurance products to age 90. That is a rarity. And something we are very proud of.

We also have the ability to offer products to our clients who have health impairments and major health conditions. We have carriers who specialize in some of the most common health impairments ensuring we are putting our clients in the best product and most importantly at the best price.

We are based out of Jacksonville Florida where we have opened our headquarters and have clients in every state!


We are passionate about what we do, why we do it,  and what we provide. There is no greater feeling than providing our clients with the Peace Of Mind they deserve.

Most importantly, we do not care about selling policies, we care about educating our clients and giving them what they desire. It is never about the sale itself.

Our process is streamlined for efficiency by using DocuSign or Voice Signature Application process depending on the insurance carrier, which allows us both transparency in communication as well as quick turn-around timeframes on all accounts – especially those requiring signatures from multiple parties over the phone or through email correspondence.


The challenge in the business/market that we may face sometime in the future is full automation or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Full automation could make agents obsolete on many levels.

However, keep in mind, you will always need an agent, as the agent has more of an emotional connection to the client than the algorithm. We relate to our clients on a personal level as we too have a family just like they do.


The opportunities the business/market is facing right now are, there are 10k + seniors who are turning 65 every day. That is a huge opportunity to help as many people as we can daily. In fact, oftentimes we have adult children, or adult grandchildren helping their loved ones to obtain a policy.

Also, keep in mind, many families thought they were in the right product, only to find out they are not, or perhaps they thought they had a policy and it expired years prior.

As a matter of fact and the sad truth, many of our seniors are overpaying on their current policies, and they do not even know it. It is our job to ensure that they are not, not even by a penny. There is a great need for agents like us to provide this service, now more than ever.


Our advice to others about business is to keep focused, and keep things simple! Additionally, write your goals, create a plan and execute them on a daily basis. Purchase mentorship training to hone in on your craft. Mentorship training teaches your partners, employees, etc.,  to be the very best they can be, successful, and perform at their highest level to help them achieve the same goals you have to help our clients daily in achieving THEIR goals for their families.


Danny is also the Founder of Danny’s main focus of his mentorship is to assist other telesales life insurance agents to the next level of their success. He provides them with the same tools he practices daily to ensure they reach their highest success in their business. Moreover, to ensure they are helping clients create their legacies for their families and provide them peace of mind.

In fact, he has tailored his mentorship to meet the needs of agents Nationwide depending on where they are in their careers. In addition, he provides one on one mentorship around the clock when needed as well.

We all have a “WHY” and Danny’s is more personal than most. His is simple…the client comes first and provides Peace Of Mind, one family at a time.