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Life Insurance For Cigar Smokers in 2024

If you are wondering how insurance carriers look at life insurance for cigar smokers, you have come to the right place. Let’s dive in!

They can be enjoyed with friends, family, or even by yourself on the porch. But did you know that if you’re over 50 years old, smoking cigars may affect your life insurance rates?

Although it’s not as risky as cigarette smoking, cigar smokers should still be aware of this information before they light up their next stogie. Luckily for you, we have some tips to help make sure your life insurance premiums stay affordable!

So put down those Cubans and read below about life insurance for cigar smokers!

Does Smoking Cigars Affect Life Insurance?

Apply for Life Insurance as a Cigar Smoker

Can cigar smokers get life insurance? When you’re applying for life insurance, there are several factors that the company will consider before giving you a quote.

Habits, such as smoking cigars, can have a significant impact on life insurance prices. Thus, not as much as it would if you smoked cigarettes.

​​​​​​​​Some best life insurance companies have different medical underwritings in all of these categories. That’s why it’s important to shop around and get several quotes from the best most life insurance companies so that you can find the best policy for you.

If you’re looking for life insurance with multiple sclerosis or life insurance after DUI, these would have a more impact on your rate. Also, a 20-year term life insurance policy is one of the most popular.

What If I Only Smoke Cigars Occasionally

How many cigars do you smoke daily? As mentioned above, you should always look into several life insurance companies, like Banner Life Insurance, for example.

You’ll want to find a company that doesn’t categorize cigarette smokers and cigar smokers together because if they do, the plans will undoubtedly be more expensive.

In fact, most carriers will consider this special risk if your urine tests positive for cotinine. Also, life insurance over the age of 75 will not be affected unless positive for cotinine.

So what is considered occasional cigar smoking in life insurance? If you smoke the occasional cigar, it is possible to show that you are nicotine-free on a medical exam — though it’s not guaranteed. However, you should always be honest when you are applying for life insurance, and you’ll need to tell them about any pre-existing medical conditions affecting your health.

Being labeled as a tobacco user by an insurance company will likely cause them to mark you a high-risk individual. Generally, tobacco users can expect their life insurance to be two times more expensive than a non-tobacco user! If you smoke cigars and have treated high blood pressure and treated cholesterol, in most cases, they will not rate yours differently.

Is It Possible To Find A Life Insurance Company That Will Give Occasional Cigar Smokers A Traditional Rate?

Yes! Some top life insurance companies have policies that won’t throw you into the same high-risk category as cigarette smokers. However, most of the time, you’ll need to pass a nicotine test before given these best life insurance rates. Some carriers will frown upon cigar smoking when you have diabetes.

How Does Smoking Cigars Affect Life Insurance

If you only smoke a few cigars a month, or less, you shouldn’t be paying very high premiums.

Therefore, if you get a quote that seems unreasonably high, make sure you keep looking. Above all, life insurance prices vary from company to company.

You can always hire an agent to help you with this. Here at PinnacleQuote, we’ll have a good idea of which companies to present to you.

Above all, knowing which companies have lenient medical underwritings is very beneficial to our clients.  In fact, we’ll be able to potentially save you a lot of money on your affordable life insurance policy.

For instance, Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company offers some great underwriting niches when it comes to cigar and pipe users. You will be considered non-tobacco rates. Even so, be honest and upfront with all medical conditions plus your smoking status.

Smoking Cigars and Its Causes

Cigar smoking continues to correlated with numerous kinds of cancer. Among the including cancers such as lung cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer. Cigar smoking can also be associated with pancreatic cancer, and like all types of cigarette consumption, it is also firmly connected with cardiovascular disease and diseases of the lungs

Among those under-appreciated facets of cigar smoking is the tobacco concentration is considerably higher than that which it is for smokers.

In fact, this can be true at least in part as a huge cigar may take anywhere from one or two hours. Also need to consider the secondhand smoke that is harming people around you. 

If you’re a true intermittent cigar smoker, that many insurance carriers believe this to be one cigar per month or not, you might be eligible for non-smoker rates. You could also qualify for flat-rate levels if you do not inhale when you smoke cigars, which will be normal.

In these circumstances, the urine samples that you provide throughout your medical examination would have to come back with little to no cotinine. 

That’s the chemical that your body discrete’s when nicotine is present in the bloodstream. If you’re the one-cigar-a-month-or-less user, it’s very important to schedule your medical examination thoughtfully. You might not wish to schedule your examination for the morning following the yearly poker party.

Other health risks for cigar use

There is a reason why cigarettes include a warning tag; cigars include a fancy box. They, unfortunately, promoted with candies, chocolate and fruit flavors.

Furthermore, cigars are taxed less as singles, unlike a pack of smokes that come in a 20 package.

Risk of Cigar Smoking – Life Insurance

Cigar smoking has become more popular, although marijuana smoking has diminished through time. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 an estimated 12 million people in the USA ages over 12 (Over 5%) were current cigar smokers

The good thing is that cigar smoke, such as cigarette smoke, includes toxic and cancer-causing substances that are detrimental to both smokers and nonsmokers. In reality, cigar smoke is more poisonous than cigarette smoke.

Also, life insurance companies may frown upon a diabetic using any tobacco product.

  • A higher degree of toxins: Cigar wrappers are less porous than smoke wrappers. The nonporous cigar wrapper creates cigar tobacco’s burning off complete than the burning of cigarette tobacco. Because of this, cigar smoke contains higher concentrations of toxins compared to cigarette smoke.
  • Higher degree of hazardous substances: Throughout the fermentation procedure for cigar tobacco, the conclusion is elevated levels of cancer-causing nitrosamines. These chemicals are released if there is a cigar smoked. Nitrosamines are at higher levels in cigar smoke than cigarette smoke.
  • Excessive amounts of tar: For each gram (g) of tobacco smoked, there’s more cancer-causing ingredients in cigars than in a traditional cigarette. Regardless, any smoking will increase the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. In addition, nicotine addiction from second hand smoke will increase the risks as well.

Why should I stop smoking cigars? Cigar smoking causes cancer of the nasal cavity, larynx, esophagus, and lungs. It may result in cancer of the pancreas.

Additionally, daily cigar smokers, especially those who snore, are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease and other kinds of lung disease.

In addition, smoking can increase your heart rate and cause high blood pressure and heart disease. There are so many health effects such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, withdrawal symptoms, and a list of long term effects. 

Smoking cessation therapy

Kick the habit by going to a support group near you. Nicotine replacement therapy and even hypnotherapists could help too. 

Always be honest about your cigar smoking when applying

It’s imperative that you’re honest about your tobacco use when applying for life insurance. These are billion dollar corporations.

They have ways of always finding out. Just be honest! In some cases, if it ends up you lied about tobacco use within a life insurance application, the life insurance provider may punish you by lowering your death benefit to exactly what your premiums will be paying on a smoker-rated policy.

Here is a perfect example of what can happen if you are not HONEST

If you lied on your application stating you haven’t used any tobacco product and have been provided a 20 year $1,000,000 term coverage for $49 per month.

Throughout the contestability period, the life insurers discovered you are a weekly cigar smoker. Your coverage abruptly drops down to some $175,000 face amount rather than $1,000,000 because that is exactly what the $49/month smoker-rate will pay for.

If it’s discovered after you die that you weren’t telling the truth, the carrier could dispute a part or all the death benefit your beneficiaries were to receive upon your departure.

It doesn’t pay to try to fool the insurance provider. Individual insurance providers are more lenient with cigar users than others. Therefore if we know beforehand that you’re a cigar smoker, we’ll make sure to visit all those carriers with your situation.

Consequently, if you’re celebrating the arrival of your child, grandchild or anyone’s childbirth with a cigar, don’t fret! We could still find you amazing life insurance prices so that you can protect your nearest and dearest.

Nobody ever expects to need to utilize life insurance, but the unforeseen occurs. Be ready and get a free and anonymous term life insurance quote today.

How does periodic cigar use affect rates?

However, the issue with occasional cigar smoking is the definition of intermittent is subjective. For instance, as a cigar smoker, then you might consider a non-smoker because you “just” smoke a cigar a couple of cigars each week.

The insurance carrier, by comparison, may think about the line between non-smoker and smoker to be over 1 cigar per month’s intake.

From the definition of the life insurance carrier, you might be thought of as a smoker since you consume and smoke anywhere from 8 to 12 cigars a month. It’s very important to shop around and to know which carriers will or won’t!

Hiding Your Cigar Habit Is Just Not Worth It

That chance is high that the insurance carrier will find that you’re in reality a smoker.

Although you could classify yourself as a non-smoker on a life insurance policy application. It’s just not worth cutting corners.

It only hurts your loved ones in the event of your death.

Are Cigar Smokers Considered Smokers?

Many clients think that cigar smoking has no effect on life insurance or that it shouldn’t. But it does because of the risk factors on your health.

Every carrier has its own criteria and will look at each individual differently. How often do you smoke cigars? Do you have health impairments? Some cigars could have as much tobacco as a pack of cigarettes. 

Life insurance for cigar smokers is not impossible. Like we mentioned above, we highly suggest you speak to an independent agent to help guide you as he/she will know which carriers are the most lenient. 

Is smoking the occasional cigar bad for you? Well, it depends. Do you already have health impairments, such as lung cancer, stroke history, emphysema? If yes, then, smoking cigars is not ideal. 

See the two charts below, as you can see smoker rates are much higher! And holy smokes, Prudential life insurance cigar smokers is much higher.  

Keep in mind, in most cases, insurance companies will consider an occasional cigar to be one cigar a month or less. If that is the case you could qualify for non-smoker rates. 

40 Year Old Male Non-Smoker

$500,000 for 20 years

Insurance Company Rate
Protective Life $28.74
AIG $30.27
Banner Life $32.68

40 Year Old Male Smoker

$500,000 for 20 years

Insurance Company Rate
Banner Life $131.74
AIG $132.01
Prudential $143.94

Bottom line, is cigar considered smoking? Remember, a full size cigar is considered to have as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Tobacco Out of Your System for Life Insurance?

It really depends. Usually, 1 to 3 months after you have stopped. Perhaps longer.

Consider this, if you are rated as a smoker and your premiums are high.

Quit smoking cigars for at least 12 months. Contact your agent and re- eval your policy. 

Cigar Facts~ The Risks of cigars

Interesting facts about cigar smoking you may not have known:

  • There is as much tobacco in one cigar as there is in one cigarette pack. 
  • The smoke of a cigar is more toxic and considered concentrated than that of cigarette smoke.
  • You increase your chance of cancer by smoking one cigar daily.
  • For the Men ~ smoking cigars can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Cigar smoking can cause gum disease and tooth loss 
  • As per the CDC, in 2016 it is estimated 12.3 million people over the age of 12 are current cigar smokers. 

Cigars size facts:

  • Large cigars: 7 inches in length, 5 to 20 grams of tabacco. Will take about 1 to 2 hours to smoke.
  • Cigarillos: smaller in size. 3 grams of tabacco.
  • Little cigars: about the size of a cigarette. Usually come in a pack like cigarettes do. These have about 1 gram of tobacco.

Help Quitting Cigars and Tobacco

You can contact the National Cancer Institute for more information.  You can also call (800) QUIT-NOW. 

Questions regarding the food and drug administration and cigar smoking CLICK HERE

Can I Find a Life Insurance Policy That Can Help My Entire Family?

Yes. Buying a life insurance policy is one of the most selfless things that a person can do.

It ensures that your loved ones are taken care of after you pass, and it prevents them from inheriting your debts or funeral expenses.

If you’re unable to get a term life insurance, there is always an option of getting a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy.

It’s important not to wait. By waiting, you’re taking a significant risk. As a consequence, if the unexpected happens, your family is covered. Another reason not to wait is that life insurance prices vary with age.

For example, life insurance quotes when your 30 will be much cheaper than if you wait until you’re 50 to get life insurance.

Make sure you do background checks on any insurance company before choosing them to insure you. A good resource to use is the company ratings by rating agencies like A.M. Best.

You’ll need to calculate how much whole life or term life insurance you’ll need. This requires considering many factors, such as mortgages, debts, and replacing your salary or retirement income.

The worst thing would be to buy a high-risk life insurance plan that doesn’t cover everything that you’ll need. You need to think about how many people are dependent on you for financial security.

Also, paying for your children’s college tuition down the road. Our best advice would be to not wait on buying your life insurance, but also to make sure to do the proper amount of research and calculations before agreeing to a policy.


Are Cigar Smokers Charged Higher Premiums for Life Insurance?

Yes, cigar smokers can face higher premiums since smoking is generally considered a high-risk activity by insurance companies due to associated health risks.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Determine If You Are a Cigar Smoker?

Insurers may ask about your smoking habits on the application and perform nicotine tests during the medical exam. Honesty in disclosing smoking habits is crucial.

Can Occasional Cigar Smoking Affect Life Insurance Rates?

This depends on the insurer’s policies. Some companies may offer non-smoker rates for occasional cigar users, while others categorize any tobacco use under smoker rates.

Is It Possible to Get Non-Smoker Rates as a Cigar Smoker?

Some insurers may offer non-smoker rates to occasional cigar smokers, especially if usage is infrequent (e.g., a few cigars per year) and nicotine tests are passed.

What Should Cigar Smokers Disclose on Their Life Insurance Application?

Be transparent about your smoking frequency and history. Failure to disclose accurate information can lead to denial of claims or policy cancellation.

Are There Specific Life Insurance Policies for Cigar Smokers?

While there are no specific policies just for cigar smokers, some insurers are more lenient than others regarding tobacco use.

How Can Cigar Smokers Find the Best Life Insurance Rates?

Compare policies from various insurers, as some may have more favorable terms for cigar smokers. Also, consider working with an insurance broker who understands the nuances of tobacco use in insurance.

Does Quitting Cigar Smoking Lower Life Insurance Premiums?

If you quit smoking, you may qualify for lower premiums. Insurers typically require a certain period of being smoke-free, usually at least a year, before reclassifying your smoking status.

What Happens If I Start Smoking Cigars After Obtaining a Life Insurance Policy?

If you start smoking after your policy is in effect, it’s important to notify your insurer. Your premiums may increase, but it’s essential for maintaining the validity of your policy.

Can Life Insurance Companies Deny Coverage Based on Cigar Smoking?

Denial of coverage is rare but possible in cases of heavy tobacco use combined with other health issues. Most cigar smokers are likely to face higher premiums rather than outright denial.

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If you’re a cigar smoker and want to buy life insurance, there are some questions that the company will ask about your smoking habits. For example, do you smoke cigarettes? How many cigars per day?

What is your age range? The answers to these questions can be used by companies to determine whether or not they offer coverage for smokers like you.

Contact us today with any of your specific concerns about getting life insurance as a cigar-smoker so we can help!

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