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The Truth About SelectQuote Life Insurance [BEWARE]

Read What Our Clients Say About Us

My name is Danny Ray Founder of PinnacleQuote, and as an independent national insurance agent with clients in every state in the U.S.- they say it’s impossible to compete against SelectQuote Life.

I beg to differ! In addition why our slogan is “Put The Client First”, which Selctquote does not do?

We put YOU first by giving reliable advice that puts your interests first too; unlike those other guys who just want your money without any care or consideration for what will ultimately happen if something goes wrong.

Personal Service Vs Volume

I’m a little guy with big dreams, and every day I compete against SelectQuote Life Insurance for the privilege to earn your business.

I’ll admit it: they’ve got me beat on volume as well as marketing budget! But what does this mean?

That means we can have some success still though – if you let me show how much value YOU get out of our relationship.

When you’re looking for the right kind of coverage, it can be tough to find someone who has access to all your options and will give a price that suits what YOU want. 

That’s why I have MORE life insurance companies waiting (and quoting) vs SelectQuote! This means cheaper rates on more coverages.

Many life insurance providers use aggressive sales tactics to contact people. I am firm but fair, coming in with no pressure at all and letting you make your own decisions about what coverage is best for yourself based on budget or any other needs that may be important to consider like goals and objectives–not just how much money someone can put towards a policy!

If this sounds good then let’s talk about options today? Fill out the form to the right to see rates.

SelectQuote Uses Aggressive Sales Practices

Life insurance agencies like SelectQuote invest heavily in ads, paying Google and other search engines to place them at the top of searches. They do this so people will be forced into buying their product as soon as they see it!

Facts About SelectQuote

The SelectQuote sales representatives work in a call center and have the impossible job of closing 5 life insurance applications per day. That’s 1200 over 12 months!

How can they even hope to keep up with that pace without being let go?

They certainly can’t, which leads to lots of employee turnover- you might not speak with them twice because each person has their own quota for how many days they want or need coverage (or at least try).

The SelectQuote sales representative is on a mission to get you signed up for their company in as little time as possible. They’ll convince, cajole and browbeat until you are ready!

The “one call close” method used by these specialists has been found successful because of how quickly they are able to pressure prospects into completing an application or medical exam– sometimes even before the person knows what’s happening- which means there won’t be much thought put into it either way anymore once things start rolling along nicely with this approach laid out before them…

SelectQuote Customer Service is Horrible

Overall, it’s clear that Select quote life insurance has some issues with its application and underwriting process.

The wait time can be excruciatingly long for those who are in need of quick approval or just want information on what they offer but don’t have the patience to search through all these complex details themselves!

What happens if your application is approved with a different health class than you applied for?

This requires shopping the original life insurance company’s medical exam & any collected medical records to multiple companies, which will take time.

With 5/day quotas on new applications and no other options available in this situation where I was previously insured by SelectQuote but am now applying through them again because my old coverage ran out – there wasn’t enough room left over at that end after all of their processing fees were taken into account just so we could shop around!

Since you’re speaking to a representative, don’t be fooled into thinking that they are going to sign your application. The agent of record is always the person who has been assigned by multiple companies and may even outsource their services if need be!

What happens when there’s an issue after buying life insurance or just want something changed about how much coverage pays?

Who do we call now?!

Not our own little button guy–he moved onto his next potential sale before anything happened with this one

In other words: You are left out in the rain without an umbrella! Sounds like Lincoln Heritage!

SelectQuote Life Insurance Versus Independent Agent

Life insurance prices vary based on three variables. The amount of the policy, when it expires, and what health class you’re approved at can all affect your price in different ways- but don’t worry! You won’t find any better deals than right here with us.

Why You Should Buy Your Life Insurance With Us

Get the lowest cost possible for your life insurance and save time with an instant online quote from ALL of the top-rated companies. No pressure sales tactics!

It’s better to take your time getting it done right so we offer superior customer service when you apply at a different health class or have certain hobbies, habits, etc…

I want to be your life insurance agent! In just minutes, we can have a custom application ready for you and it’ll only take me 20 seconds. I’m fast too–the quickest approval possible with this company (and if not already signed on as an applicant myself).

And since my license has been around since 1992- well before most other agencies started up in their respective regions of the country or state where they operate out; there is no doubt that what they offer will meet all needs perfectly…

It’s fast, easy, and convenient to apply for life insurance. I will be your agent when you need one-on-one support!

SelectQuote Customer Complaints

I’m not one to usually read negative reviews, but after my own experience with SelectQuote, I wanted to see what other people had before going there.

One way is by looking at companies and their customers; this allowed me to learn more about the agency in general as well as any bad feedback from previous clients.

I found some pretty telling things- like how many people have problems getting updates on claims or difficulties finding insurance coverage that works for them.

The good news? They’re always willing to help out those who’ve been wrongfully denied due compensation–even if you need another company’s policies!

The complaints about the customer service agents are enough to make anyone want to avoid talking with them. There’s no telling what kind of experience you’ll have, so I wouldn’t recommend it!

Customers complained that some agents tried to sell them additional coverage and plans they didn’t want.

Agents are encouraged by Select Quote, so this will be a common practice among all salespeople – regardless of what product or service you’re selling!

SelectQuote Cons Explained

Application processes can take up to seven weeks, so if you need insurance right away then it might be best for your situation if seek out other options.

Policies sold through Select Quote may also require four-7 business days before they are issued in the mail or emailed over.

When you submit your information to Select Quote, we will call for quotes and get back with the best rates.

We are committed to providing our customers convenient services without any hassle of waiting around on hold or having difficult conversations over phone calls!

This is a quick heads-up that Not Licensed in all states: SelectQuote may not be able to provide life insurance coverage for residents of South Dakota. You’ll want another company if you live there!

SelectQuote Pros Explained

With SelectQuote, you can purchase high coverage amounts up to $5 million. This is something that not everyone else in the industry offers!

Selectquote offers an easy way to convert your term policy into a whole or universal life without the need for additional medical exams.

Term life insurance is the best way to protect your family’s financial security.

Your term policy will be renewed without requiring another medical exam, and when it expires a new one can be added for just pennies on the dollar each year in premiums!

Plans Offered By SelectQuote

You can get quotes for a term and whole life coverage through SelectQuote. After submitting your information, an agent will call you with options that fit what’s important to YOU!

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is often recommended because it’s relatively inexpensive. It provides you with temporary coverage; your beneficiaries receive a death benefit only if you die during the covered term – but how do they know when their loved one might pass away?

Coverage amounts range from $50,000 up to over five million dollars! You can choose terms of 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, or 30 years long depending on what works best for you.

You also can get coverage from ages 18 to 80. So you 20 something-year-olds should start looking young.

Our go-to carriers are Protective Life, ANICO, Prudential, and Foresters. In addition to another 25 or so that specialize in health impairment niches.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent form of coverage. It’s designed to last your entire life and as long you pay on time, it will never expire!

In addition, whole life policies have a cash value that can accumulate over time or be withdrawn from the policy when needed for major expenses like retirement funds – but there are many different types available so whether this occurs depends totally upon what kind would best suit individual needs.

If you are looking for simplified issue whole life we have the best options available. In addition, we will provide the best participating whole life insurance with our specialty carriers.

Available RIders

If you purchase a life insurance policy from SelectQuote, they might offer different riders that can be added to your plan at an additional cost.

For example, some people buy spouse or children’s term policies and use these as their primary coverage because it is cheaper than buying separate plans for each person–though this does depend on which company provides the particular service!

SelectQuote Complaint Index

When determining which insurer to choose, it’s important that you look at customer complaints.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has statistics on how many times an individual company receives complaints relative to their size in comparison with other companies–the higher number means they received more than expected while low numbers indicate less controversy surrounding them.


Overall, there is no scenario that SelectQuote would be a better fit for any consumer than us. We offer more carriers, we specialize in pre-existing conditions. Above all, we are a customer-first agency.

So if you want the best rate, with the best carrier suited for you, give us a call. Or fill out the quote box on the right and we will be in touch.