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Life insurance rates and Smokers

The Truth about Life Insurance for Smokers

Life insurance is an important part of planning for the future. But what if you smoke? The truth is that smokers are more likely to die earlier than nonsmokers. So, if you’re a smoker and want to buy life insurance, you may have to pay higher rates or get a smaller policy amount in order…
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Life Insurance with hypertension

The Truth about Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure

It’s not always easy to figure out how much life insurance you need. But if your blood pressure is high, it might be time to talk with a financial advisor about the best way to protect your loved ones in the event of an unfortunate accident. If you are interested in learning more, contact us…
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Protect with Banner Life

Banner Life/William Penn Life Insurance 2021 Review

This is a review of your life insurance options from Banner Life and William Penn. We’ll take a look at the features, pros, and cons for each company, and help you figure out which one might be right for you.Life insurance can be complicated to navigate as there are so many different types with various…
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Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

The Truth about Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Senior consumers often have a difficult time understanding the various types of life insurance. Some people may think that they are only getting one type of policy when in reality, they are receiving more than just one plan. One such example is Multiple Sclerosis-specific life insurance. It’s important for seniors to know what their options…
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American General Life Insurance

American General/AIG Life Insurance [2021 Review]

That’s right, your favorite insurance company is back in the game. You might know them as American General or AIG Life Insurance (depending on where you live). They’re not a Fortune 500 company anymore but they are still here and ready to provide coverage for our generation. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to retire…
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Is life Insurance an Investment

The Truth About Using Life Insurance as an Investment [2021 Guide]

“Investing in life insurance is a long-term commitment that can be a great way to grow your assets. But, it’s not for everyone.”“If you’ve been considering buying a certain type of policy, or investing in one as an investment vehicle, here are some things to consider before you pull the trigger.” Should You Think Of…
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affordable life insurance for high risk people

2021 Guide to Medical High-Risk Life Insurance

You’re probably wondering what life insurance has to do with the future. This is a great question! After all, you’re not planning on dying tomorrow, are you? The truth is that your needs may change over time and be prepared for potential risks in the future can result in peace of mind today. It’s never…
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Term and Whole Life

Term Life Vs Whole Life [Simple Guide From The Experts]

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent life insurance that provides coverage for the insured’s whole lifetime. The company pays the premiums, and you are not required to pay anything. Term life insurance only covers you for a certain period of time or number of years, but whole life does not have an end…
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