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The Best Cheap Life Insurance 2024 Guide

If you are looking for the best cheap life insurance, you came to the right place. We’ll explore the best ways to find cheap life insurance, as well as what questions to ask before signing up.

After all, it’s important that we protect ourselves and our loved ones from financial insecurity. But with so many different options out there, sometimes it can be hard to know which one is right for us.

This article will provide some tips on how to find the cheapest rates while still getting quality coverage. Let’s get started!

Cheap Affordable Life Insurance And How To Get It

Find Out How Simple It Really Is!

Term Life Insurance is cheap because you need a lot of it! Its the most affordable life insurance you can find.

The consumers that can benefit from affordable cheap life insurance quotes the most are usually the late 20’s to late 50’s crowd. During these periods you have much to protect. Especially when you are starting out with a family, mortgage and more importantly kids. The right coverage will give you peace of mind!

Remember, when you’re starting out with a family it is usually around the same time your career is being established. So income will increase over time, assets will be established, kids will grow.

However, in the event of your death, there can be a huge financial burden on your family for the long term. Cheap affordable life insurance will allow you to keep the costs down even when you have to weather the financial storms.

But most importantly, maintain coverage.

How Do I Calculate Life Insurance Needs

For example, we all know life has its financial ups and downs. At times we are liquid, other times we are scraping by cutting costs.

You have to ask yourself, would you rather have a $20-$50 a month payment to protect your family or a $200-$300 payment? That’s the difference between paying the bills, putting the food on the table, and gas in your car.

Finding Cheap Life Insurance is achievable. You need a combination of the right independent agent and allow him/her to walk you through coverage options and the process with simplicity! Actually, you will find that your monthly premium is cheaper than going out to lunch!

Cheap Term Life Insurance For All Ages

Now that we established a problem that one could have when they have a family, let’s talk about the solution. Low-cost life insurance.

Now again, if you’re in your 30’s it will be much different than say when your in your 40’s and 50’s. In your 30’s, you probably have children under 5 years of age.

In fact, you may be waiting for that big promotion at work. Or maybe you just got approved for a mortgage, or just moved into your new home.

Whatever the case, you now have big responsibilities, and being a primary breadwinner, you have many that depend on you. You might want to look at a low-cost life insurance policy like a 30-year term with a guaranteed death benefit.

You have to be careful when you first start shopping for life insurance. A lot of agents might push whole life insurance on you. Their selling point will be cash value that you can borrow from, you will have it your whole life. Sounds great right?

For the agent and the carrier it is. Whole life is the biggest commission product for agents, usually 4 times more than term life insurance. So in some cases, the agent might be putting their interests ahead of yours.

Who Has The Cheapest Life Insurance

Life Insurance Suze Orman And Dave Ramsey Style

Experts like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey both agree the most inexpensive life insurance is term life. But you also need to find the best providers avaiable.

For example, here are our CORE Term Life Providers:

  1. Protective Life    
  2. Foresters
  3. Assurity Life
  4. Prudential
  5. Banner Life

Below is a breakdown of cost comparison. We will base it off of $500,000 life insurance face amount. If you are a 40-year-old healthy male, just getting established, which one would you prefer for your family?

These are the best life insurance rates

500k 30yr Term: 52.46/month

500k Whole Life: 639.80/month

You can SAVE $587.34 a month. If you invested this money into an IRA type retirement account, you could protect your family and max out yearly retirement savings!!

Also, have a possible tax-deferred situation. If you make $100,000 a year and have kids under 10 years old, you will need at least $1,000,000 term life insurance policy.

When Is It The Best Time To Get Affordable Life Insurance?

Now. Life insurance will never be as affordable as it is today! You will never be as young as you are today.

Statistics also say you probably will never be as healthy as you are right now. Buying term life insurance is the most affordable way to protect your family.

I know, I sound like a broken record. But let’s break it down on how much you save getting life insurance now. You want to make sure you get life insurance either when you get married, or by the time you have your first child.

I must say, I do praise when I have a 25-year-old client call me wanting to get life insurance because they are so ahead of the game.

Life Insurance Quotes by Age

We will break it down by decade:

30-Year-Old Primary Breadwinner

Wants to make sure family is protected until last child graduates college

  • Has a 6-month-old baby, and plans to have a few more kids,
  • Gets a one million dollar policy for 30 years
  • Premium, $58.63 monthly/$670.00 Annually
  • Total Premium over 30 years $20,100.00

40-Year-Old Primary Breadwinner

Wants to make sure last child graduates, but also until past retirement

  • The youngest child is 5 years old,
  • Gets a one million dollar policy for 30 years
  • Premium, $99.82 monthly/$1154.00 annual
  • Total Premium over 30 years $34,620.00

50-Year-Old Primary Breadwinner

Wants coverage until the last son graduates college, past retirement, and past mortality age,

  • The youngest child is a junior in HS
  • Gets a one million dollar policy for 30 years
  • Premium, $251.93 month/$2929.41 annual
  • Total Premium over 30 years $87,882.30

So as you can see, the longer you wait, the more money you’re donating to the insurance company. Getting an affordable term life insurance policy in your 30’s compared to the cheapest life insurance for over 50 will save you almost $70,000!

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PinnacleQuote’s Simple Process – we are not in the business of selling. In fact, educating our clients and providing them with the best options is our priority. Basing those options on the life insurance policy.

What Can I Do To Get A Cheap Life Insurance Policy

To begin with,  its always a good idea to get a life insurance policy as soon as possible. Without one, you put your family at high risk, and your debts could potentially be passed on to them if you wait.

For example, here are a few quick tips on getting a cheap life insurance policy:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise frequently
  • Quit tobacco products
  • Stop living what life insurance companies might consider a high-risk lifestyle
  • Perhaps most importantly, you need to compare the rates of SEVERAL life insurance companies — this can save you a significant amount of money.

Furthermore, we’ll go into more depth on the things you can do to get the cheapest term life insurance policyBut, first…

What Shouldn’t You Do- What To Avoid Now

At any rate, take a look at a few things you need to avoid if you wish to get the best prices on your life insurance policy:

  • Don’t use one company agency! In fact, some of these agents mainly work for one insurance company, therefore making them biased and unhelpful when you wish to shop around.
  • Don’t shop around for life insurance comparison websites. Consequently, through these sites, insurance companies can gather your information. Consequently,  spamming will occur resulting in misleading offers.

How To Get Cheap Life Insurance and Underwriting

Even more, except for a guaranteed issue policy, you’re going to be questioned hard about your health, family history, and lifestyle. More importantly, don’t withhold on a health condition — life insurance companies will do background checks on you before giving you a quote.

All in all, here are a few things that you should be able to answer honestly and efficiently:

  • What do you do for work?
  • Do you have any health conditions?
  • What are some of your hobbies?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Do you smoke? Drink alcohol? Do you use drugs?
  • What’s your credit history?
  • What about your family history?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • What does your driving record history?

Guaranteed Issue Policy And No Exam

Above all, these are all relevant questions that will impact the premium charge for your policy.

In other words, unless you go with a no exam life insurance policy, you’ll need to do a medical exam before getting a policy. Therefore, the life insurance company will know about any pre-existing conditions, so it’s best, to be honest. Worried that your health conditions will prevent you from getting a life insurance policy?

Therefore, learn more about guaranteed life insurance plans. They are small whole life policies that build cash value and in most cases, the application is approved in less than 30 minutes. 

What Do You Want From Your Life Insurance Policy

To begin with, take a look at the list below, and decide which common examples apply to you. I want my life insurance policy…

  • Finance my children — pay for any expenses, college, etc.
  • Pay the rest my mortgage — if you have a 20-year mortgage, then a 20-year term life insurance will suffice.
  • Pay for any other debt, whether it be credit, car payments, etc.
  • To pay for estate taxes

From here, you can try to work out how much life insurance you’ll need to cover you. Again, the earlier you purchase coverage the better opportunity to lock up cheap life insurance for family.

What’s The Deal With Cheap Term Insurance Online

It’s a real possibility! Here at PinnacleQuote, we can help you with that. Being connected to several life insurance companies, and we can help you get in touch with one that can help you with what you’re looking for from a policy.

Here are some more tips on getting a cheap term life insurance policy:

  • Get a Policy ASAP. As you wait, rates will increase. You’re better off going while you’re still young to get cheap rates. By waiting, you also run the risk of leaving your family with all of your debts and no financial support. Purchasing life insurance over 50 will cost more than if you do it while your 40! You want to get it before old age gets to you, with things like hypertension (High Blood Pressure), weight gain, diabetes, Treated Cholesterol and other medical issues that will increase your life insurance rates.
  • Diet, Diet, Diet! It’s common knowledge by now that what you eat directly impacts how healthy you are. Cut down on all the unhealthy foods and start eating more vegetables to help get cheap rates. While you’re at it, consider cutting down on all your other bad habits. And remember, don’t drink and drive, because getting a DUI has a severely negative impact on your life insurance policy.

More Ways To Achieve A Cheap Life Insurance Policy

  • Quit Using TobaccoLife insurance for smokers and other kinds of tob​​acco users is far more expensive! You want cheap life insurance for smokers!
  • Compare life insurance companies before settling on policy. Life insurance companies have different underwritings. At ​​PinnacleQuote, we can help you find the companies that are going to give you cheap rates, depending on your weight, medical condition, age, etc. This is the best thing you can do to make sure you’re avoiding absurdly high premiums.
  • Don’t be a Hero! Life insurance companies pay attention to how r​​isky your lifestyle is. If you like to do any, life insurance will consider you a special risk, and it may count against you.

What Else Can I Do To Save Money On My Term Life Insurance Policy?

  • Don’t fall for up-sells
  • Research your company — agencies like A.M. Best will let you know how trustworthy a life insurance company is.
  • Get it while you’re young, get it while you’re healthy — the longer you wait, the more likely you will get higher rates. And we don’t want you to have to pay higher premiums than you have to!
  • Do all you can to compare rates! One company’s quote for a 30-year term policy may be much more expensive than another.’

What About Cheap Life Insurance For Seniors

At PinnacleQuote, we can help you find the life insurance companies that offer the most reasonably priced life insurance for seniors. Since advances in medicine have allowed people to have a much longer average lifespan, some life insurance companies are offering lower rates for term life insurance policies.

Cheap Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

You do have the option to get a no exam life insurance policy, but know that it will likely be significantly more expensive. We’ll list a couple of circumstances where you may want to consider getting a no exam life insurance policy:

  • If you are having trouble getting a policy with a traditional life insurance policy due to poor health conditions
  • If you need life insurance ASAP — it only takes a few days to get no exam life insurance

How Do I Make Sure I Get The Right Help?

You should find an independent insurance broker that sincerely wants to help you find a cheap life insurance policy.

At PinnacleQuote, we know all of the best life insurance companies, i.e., Banner Life Insurance Company, and you can count on us to find you the cheapest rates.

How Much Life Insurance Will I Need?

How Much Life Insurance Do I Really Need

Above all, acquiring cheap life insurance is one of the most important financial decisions that you’ll ever need to make.

Many people wonder how much life insurance they should buy. Many factors go into this decision, and it will take some calculations. Here’s a list of some things you’ll want to consider:

  • How much debt do I have?
  • How much will my children need to get to adulthood?
  • What about my children’s college tuition?
  • Funeral expenses?

Your Paycheck Dies with you! 

Remember, once you’re gone, you also need to account for your family not receiving your salary any longer.

That alone can add up to a significant amount of money. A life insurance policy is the best way to support your family for years to come. The way I calculate how much a client needs is very simple. First, I take the youngest child’s age because no one depends on you more financially than your youngest. Second, how much income my client makes annually because if you die tomorrow chances are your paycheck does with you.

PinnacleQuote’s Simple Process

We are not in the business of selling. We are actually against that. We like to educate our clients and provide them with the best options. We based those options on the specific profile of the client. So we tailor to make you a policy.

Affordable Life Insurance For Your Business

Why do small business owners need life insurance? When owning a business, your two most important asset is your employees and your product.

There is a third, life insurance. Especially if there is more than one owner. In the event of a percentage owner dying, it can get very sticky with the family members of the deceased partner. A Buy/Sell agreement would take care of that.

Also losing a top producing employee can also hurt the company, a key man life insurance policy would put the company in a position to recoup the time to find an irreplaceable replacement.

Here are some other articles on these topics.

Buying Life Insurance For Your Parents – What You Need To Know

Although we want to believe our parents will live forever.  There will come a time when we have to discuss life insurance coverage for them.  Often times, clients think to buy life insurance at this stage is silly or they think it is too expensive.  

Our parents took care of us for many years,  from when we were babies up to the point where we moved out and married and had our own children. 

Now it is our turn to make sure they are protected, which in turn protects us from the financial burden of their final expenses. In fact, the best type of policy for our parents at this stage is a Final Expense policy.

This is a great option! It is a permanent life insurance policy that will cover their burial and all final expenses. The application process is quite simplistic and it will prepare you and your parents for their estate planning.  

Usually, clients will double the face amount to cover the burial and leave enough for their family to pay any outstanding debts.  Depending on the carrier the face amount is from $25,000 -$40,000


What constitutes ‘cheap’ life insurance in 2024?

Cheap life insurance typically refers to policies with lower premiums. Term life insurance often falls into this category due to its simplicity and specific coverage period.

Which companies are known for offering affordable life insurance?

companies like Banner Life, Protective, and Haven Life are often recognized for offering competitively priced life insurance policies.

How can I find the cheapest life insurance rates?

Comparing quotes from multiple insurers, choosing term life insurance, and opting for a policy with a coverage amount and term length that meets your needs without excess can help find lower rates.

Does cheap life insurance mean lower quality coverage?

Not necessarily. Many affordable policies provide sufficient coverage for your needs. It’s essential to understand the terms and ensure the policy meets your requirements.

What factors affect the cost of life insurance?

Factors include the type of policy, coverage amount, term length, your age, health status, lifestyle, and any additional riders or features.

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Life insurance companies make you think that term life is expensive so they can sell more whole life and Universal Term. But the truth is, it’s a lot cheaper than those policies because you need to buy less of them!

And if you’re looking for affordable coverage, then term life is your best bet. Get quote today to see how much savings could be waiting just around the corner!

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